BMW has a reputation of being the best. It’s a brand encapsulating what it means to be a luxury vehicle. A reputation to provide vehicles which are iconic and in a class of their very own with engineering that pushes beyond intelligent well into the realm of genius. It’s earned the reputation. BMW uses this genius to craft superior vehicles. Vehicles like the iconoclast 2016 BMW 6 series, or the phenomenal 2016 BMW Z4. These cars are not just hunks of metal glossed over with paint, they are legitimate pieces of art. And like the other vehicles, the BMW 4 series follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. The selection of vehicles makes up the 4 series, come in a variety of trims, all of which are perfectly tailored to exceed all expectations of what you’d expect out of a vehicle, even a luxury like those produced by BMW. The 2016 BMW 4 Series is now available for sale at Edmonton BMW and starts at $53,950.

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Luxurious and Spacious BWM Interior Design:

When BMW designs a vehicle, each and every aspect of that vehicle is designed with a specific purpose and that purpose is to heighten your overall driving experience. The BMW 4 Series does this exceptionally well. The first thing you’ll notice, for a small sedan, there is an incredible amount of foot and headroom no matter where you’re seated inside the vehicle. Every function, including the audio features, and navigation equipment, which is control via iDrive, a BMW only system controling secondary functions. The 2016 BMW 4 Series also offers more storage space and compartments as well as integrated headrests and seatbelt to add a bit of sporty flash to this luxurious masterpiece.  Another benefit reserved exclusively for BMW customers is the BMW Service Inclusive, a concierge service covers all essential BMW service and maintenance, and is available as often as you need. With all this, it’s clear as to why BMW is so well known across the world as one of the top tier luxury vehicles available not just around Edmonton, but anywhere in the entire world. And one of BMW’s cornerstone vehicles is the 4 series, which indeed embodies everything it means to be a BMW vehicle. 

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4 241 258 lb-ft 3781 lbs

When BMW were looking in designing the 2016 4 Series vehicles, they were knowingly designing the vehicle that is the backbone of their lineup. The exterior of the 4 series embodies the quintessential BMW look, and it’s gorgeous. There’s something about the 4 series just screams a sporty vehicle. With dynamic accent lines cutting across the side of the body, it gives the 4 series the illusion it’s in motion even while it’s standing still. This beautifully sculpted piece of machinery comes available is 16 different extreme body colors, 3 sets of wheels (depending on the package you choose), 6 varying interior fabrics, and 7 interior trims. The 2016 4 series as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, it’s a vehicle tailor made to cruise down Jasper Ave on a scorching summer nights in Edmonton, as well as a vehicle which leaves an impression, on those who drive it, and those who don’t. 

428xi 4 cyl ENGINE automatic 8.1 HWY/12.3 CITY



It’s not just that the 4 Series are vehicles that are especially pleasing to the eye both inside in out, they are also vehicles with a brain, in the form of its engine. It’s the combination of professional athlete and rocket scientist rolled in a runway model’s body. Using a 2.0 litre DOHC engine and BMW’s xDrive Technology, the 4 Series powers out a minimum of 240 horsepower and 258 lbs-ft of torque, and that’s just where they start. This amount of horsepower offers both the thrill as you press your foot to the gas and feel the raw power offered up by BMW, as well as gives you the confidence that if you find yourself in a sticky situation on the often questionable Edmonton roads, you can power your way out of them safely. To add to that safety, BMW, has added intelligence to make sure your ride is a easy and safe as possible. Which features like BMW Head-Up display, which lets you see important driving stats on the windshield so you can stay focused on the road ahead, Lane Departure Warning system, to keep you on the road, and the BMW Selective Bema to help better see the road ahead, you’ll find that driving has never been more enjoyable or easier. And to help with Parking, BMW has rear back-up camera and Surround view cameras to make sure you have a better view of where you’re going. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that BMW, and in this instance the 4 Series, is simply one of the most intelligent things on four wheels.

BMW has a long line of vehicles, a family lineage of thoroughbreds through decades that simply outclass the competition. BMW is the benchmark for what it means to be a luxury vehicle. BMW vehicles are all class, in the performance aspect as well as in aesthetics, all around perfection. It’s the perfect combination of iconic style, superior luxury, powerful performance, and brilliance in safety makes it as well regarded as it is. There’s no stopping the feeling you get when you see the classic BMW kidney grille coming at you, it’s a feeling you get deep down past your bones and into your soul. You can’t help it, it’s a subconscious feeling. It’s a feeling of both simultaneous jealousy and admiration.  But you can cure the feeling, all it takes is one test drive, and we guarantee you’ll be hooked. The 2016 BMW 4 series in Edmonton isn’t just another luxury vehicle. It’s THE ultimate luxury vehicle. See for yourself.

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