Luxury is not something that the automotive industry takes likely. Those that do are doomed for catastrophic failure. Those that treat this particular trait with the proper respect find themselves as some of the most well regarded vehicle, even on a worldwide scale. The car industry heavily relies on reputation as its most powerful piece of advertising. A commercial, a billboard, those are great but nothing compares to the power of word of mouth, and few vehicle companies have garnered more respect through word of mouth than BMW.

BMW vehicles are not just simple luxury carriages, they offer some of the most advanced vehicles, the most unique, both inside and out, that the entire industry has to offer. With BMW it’s not a matter of outdoing your competition, because BMW has no true competition. Its only competition is itself.

Being something as highly regarded, is not an easy task to achieve, nor is it easy to maintain. But BMW has done so, steadily gaining more and more popularity in the Edmonton area with a wide variety of age groups. A fact that only Alberta can boost. We’re one of the most unique vehicle markets in the world, and BMW is the perfect brand to suit our province’s specific tastes and needs. With vehicles like the 2016 BMW 535, or the 2016 BMW X6, it’s no wonder BMW vehicles are so respected locally. But few are as popular, and sought out as the BMW 435.

The 2016 BMW 435 is a car lover’s dream. It’s a modernized roadster done in the best possible way, with supreme performance wrapped in a immaculate out shell, with an interior intelligence and elegance that is unmatched. It’s a sophisticated enjoyable experience, truly a driving experience like no other.

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To begin, let’s take a look at the interior design of the 2016 BMW 435. It’s a vehicle that embodies both an athletic design and that is full of elegant luxury as well. It’s a vehicle that is not just a vehicle that the driver will love, but a vehicle made to be driven in as well. If you’re seated in the back, you feel as if you’re in the back of a high class limousine.  You have a perfect scenic view from all around, with access to a variety of functions from the back, so you can enjoy every moment of your drive. The front seat offers a similar but more hands on sort of experience. Through the front windshield, you have a view of the road ahead as well as a look in BMW’s Head-up Display. BMW has earned a reputation of excellence. Part of that reputation is through the brilliance of its interior.

The physical design of the 2016 BMW 435 is a cool ensemble of style, technology, and elegance that provides a drive unlike any other, a drive that belongs only to BMW vehicles.

The 2016 BMW 435 ensures you are comfortable, and content during every aspect of your drive. It uses exquisite design, a design of intelligence and sophistication to produce a vehicle that is unlike any other. At the center of the interior is BMW’s Hub, a highly functional touchscreen display that controls a variety of features that are only offered through BMW. Features such as: Connected Drive or iDrive, which help you stay in touch with social media and your friends and family while also giving you the ability to customize your own personal soundtrack. The 2016 BMW 435 is a drive you won’t soon forget. 

300LB-FT @ 6500RPM
3814 LBS


BMW creates vehicles that are iconic, vehicles that are instantly recognizable. Even at a distance, people know what a BMW vehicle looks like. Even when they don’t see it, everyone knows in their brain, in their imagination what a BMW looks like. And that vehicle, that dream vehicle, is the 2016 BMW 435.

The 2016 BMW 435 is the quintessential BMW vehicle. It’s a vehicle that stands alone among a class of otherwise boring luxury models. It’s an athletic, smooth exterior that is cut, with muscular curves all around. It’s all headed by that iconic BMW rondel emblem at the front end. The 2016 BMW 435 is truly something special.

Trim Comparisons



3.0L  Engine

$ 55,350




3.0L Engine

$ 56,050





A system that combines your smartphone with your vehicle. Using the internet to keep you connected, it gives you access to all your phones call and text functions as well as GPS and a BMW only concierge service. 



An advanced performance system built to allow BMW’s to better perform in a variety of road conditions. It’s a comprehensive four-wheel drive system that allows for maximum control without diminishing comfort. 


BMW Head up Display

A full color display projected on your front windshield so that you never have to take your eyes off the road. HUD displays relevant driving info like speed and a other safety features to keep you informed and never distracted


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WHY BUY A 2016 BMW 435?

The 2016 BMW 435 is a spectacular roadster, a vehicle that personifies the future of automobiles. It’s a result of excellent craftsmanship and years of sophisticated design. It’s a finely tuned machine, an Olympic athlete at the peak of its career. It’s a performance masterstroke, with interior technology that is pure brilliance, with royal luxury unmatched by its competition. Don’t believe me? Book a test drive today!

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