BMW is name synonymous with luxury. When you hear someone mention the name, it’s what you think of. BMW vehicles are evocative, it’s what they are designed to do. Illicit feelings, an emotional response triggers in your brain almost subconsciously. Few other vehicle brands do this to a driver. This is a compelling reason as to why, unlike other brands, BMW is not just a car, it’s a lifestyle choice. And a rewarding one. The 2016 BMW 5-Series sedan, now in stock at Edmonton BMW, starts at $72,850.

Part of what makes BMW such a revered brand is its ability to craft vehicles which blow away the competition. With vehicle lines like the marvellous 2016 BMW 4 Series or the sporty 3 Series, it’s no wonder BMW has garnered a reputation of being the best. It continues the tradition with the 2016 5 Series, which on the BMW ladder is the first step onto the upper echelon. The 5 series a great mix of BMW elegance and BMW performance. It yet another vehicle providing the ultimate driving experience.

Looking at the outside, just at a glance it seems clear the 5 Series is a supremely designed piece of beautiful machinery. Starting at the front, the BMW kidney grilles are on full display, as well as the newly refined and restyled lower front air intake, capped off with two gorgeous LED lights sitting wide and strong, two beautiful eyes on a perfectly symmetrical face. Moving along the side, the 5 Series offers race car inspired dynamic lines shape the body, carving into something as if in constant motion. The 5 Series smolders in a variety of exterior colors, and this chiseled, sleek body frame is a prelude and the closest thing you’ll get to the marvelous M series. It’s truly remarkable a vehicle this balance, is this much fun, is also built with ample amounts of luxury and class even exists. It’s a gift from the car gods above. 

4 241 258 LB-FT 3781 LBS

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Looking in on the interior of the 2016 5 Series, you get something like a cross between the cock-pit of a spaceship and the inside of a limousine.  From the second you sit down into the plush, for-fitting seats of the five series, you know you’re in for a ride unlike any you’ve ever experience. Settle into the highest quality interior trims, fitting with Dakota or Nappa leather available in a variety of colors, each of with offers a new depth to the already spectacular interior of the 5 Series. The interior is a melange of glossy whites, piano blacks, and woods trims, all topped off by beautiful metallic accents, to complete a look of pure luxury. You’ll find everything is perfectly placed, right down the touchscreen entertainment hub, which gives you access the BMW’s own iDrive, as well as a plethora of functions laid out carefully, and purposefully. The interior is designed to be perfectly customizable, to ensure whatever your needs are, BMW will meet them. The driver’s seat, and steering wheel are heated, ventilated, and adjustable, which gives you control of your drive in every way. The rear-view mirror features dimming technology, so that you’re never blinded by tailing vehicles or that beautiful prairie sunset. It’s an interior filled with intelligence, comfort, and style that makes the 5 Series what it is. The 2016 BMW 5 Series’ only competition, is itself. 








7.4 HWY/11.2 CITY

7.4 HWY/11.2 CITY


From the second you step on the gas of any of the 5 Series vehicles, you know you’re in for something amazing, and you better be ready. While the exterior and the interior focuses on creating a vehicle both eye-candy and filled with class and luxury, under the hood, you bear witness to a new kind of beauty. A beauty in power, in precision, and in dynamics. The base model of the 2016 BMW 5 Series in Edmonton vehicles starts with a 2.0 L engine smashing out more than 240 horsepower and 258 lbs-ft of torque. It’s enough power, that with even a slight touch of the pedal, you’ll have adrenaline coursing through your veins. Using xDrive technology, technology unique to BMW vehicles, the 5 Series feels like a more intelligent vehicle, more reactive, quicker on its feet, and even safer. Using features like Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection, as well as side and top view cameras, rear park assist, and even BMW’s Emergency Service, you get a better view of the road ahead and the world around you so you have one of the safest rides out there. Having such a level and comfort and peace of mind is priceless. The 2016 5 Series vehicles are the future of the luxury sedan

When it comes down to it, the 2016 5 Series is truly something special. It combines world class luxury, futuristic technology, and race car performance to provide of the finest cars available in Edmonton, or anywhere in the world. The 5 Series does what BMW does best. They creates vehicles which leaves you satisfied and others wanting a piece, if even just a small one. Nothing compares to what BMW has to offer. It’s not a matter of whether or not the BMW 5 Series is right for you, but whether you are right for a BMW. Like I said in the above, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a commitment, once you experience even once, you’ll want to make for a lifetime.

BMW, the ultimate driving experience. 

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