2016 BMW 535i for sale in Edmonton, AB

Elegance is not something that is easily acquired in the automotive industry. Sure, it’s something that is heavily sought after. A label that nearly every vehicle strives to be called. But, it’s also not something you can force. Some vehicles have it, some don’t. Elegance is something you earn, something that takes time. Luxury is more practical and more common, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights that elegance does. And when you say the word elegance, only one vehicle brand, and one alone, stands out as the definitive vehicle brand. That vehicle brand is none other than BMW.

Having a vehicle that exceeds luxury and moves into full on lifestyle is a commodity that borders on priceless. Having a vehicle that outperforms and outshines its competition, is rare. Separating yourself from the pack is a trait that is growingly increasingly difficult. But on other vehicle, whether it by look or by feel, stands out more than a BMW.

BMW is one of the most well regarded and respected vehicle brands in the entire world. Once, a niche German luxury model, BMW has steadily risen over the past two decades to become one of the most sought after vehicles in the Edmonton area. With this reputation in mind, BMW has still managed to consistently improve and build upon each passing year. With vehicles like the 2016 BMW X3 and the incoming 2016 BMW M2, it’s no surprise BMW has remained on top.  Never has this been more evident than with the BMW 535i.

The 2016 BMW 535i sits in the middle of the BMW spectrum. Half way between the sporty and athletic 2 series and the immaculate 7 series. It’s a bigger bodied sports car with higher performance than what you might expect as well as with a level of luxury and sophistication unmatched by any other vehicle in its class.

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Sophisticated BMW Interior Design

To begin, let’s take a look at the interior design of the 2016 BMW 535i. It’s a vehicle that exhibits both the athletic design as well as the elegance and sophistication that BMW has to offer. It’s a vehicle designed for the driver and passengers alike. It’s a requirement of a BMW vehicle that they be comfortable and orientated in a way that ensures every drive is as enjoyable as can be. From the back, you get a perfect view out of the side or front windshield. Up front, you get a pristine view of the road ahead as well as a clear view all the scenery you pass by. While you enjoy the view, you’re also treated to exquisite room all around as well as the most up to date technology available anywhere.

The physical design of the 2016 BMW 535i is a cool ensemble of style, technology, and elegance that provides a drive unlike any other, a drive that belongs only to BMW vehicles.

The 2016 BMW 535i is an exquisite piece of elegance that has you feeling comfortable and intelligent from the moment you settle into the vehicle. At the center of this impressive intelligence is a technological hub in the form of touchscreen display located conveniently in the middle of the dashboard. This hub controls all the audio functions, as well as navigation, and the BMW only features, like ConnectedDrive or iDrive. Driving a BMW is a unique drive, and when you get behind the wheel of the 2016 535i, you know you’re in for something special.

260 LB-FT @ 6500 rpm
Curb Weight
3814 lbs

Stunning Exterior BMW Design

BMW has a reputation of creating vehicles that are identifiable both at a distance and at a glance. From the front, the 2016 BMW 535i sports that uncanny double kidney grille with the BMW rondel planted right in the center. With dual LED headlights capping of a perfect visage.

The 2016 535i offers a unique athletic design that makes it stand out both in its class as well as among other BMW vehicles. Smooth curves, lined by sharply cut accents that run along the sides that render the 535i in a constant state of motion. It’s backed up by a stout and strong rear end that slops downwards slightly and is capped off by a subtle but noticeable rear spoiler.

BMW 5 Series Trim Comparisons


BMW 535i

3.0 L Engine

Manual or CVT

34 HWY / 23 City


BMW 535i xDrive

3.0 L Engine

Manual or CVT

34 HWY / 23 City

BMW Technology



A system that combines your smartphone with your vehicle. Using the internet to keep you connected, it gives you access to all your phones call and text functions as well as GPS and a BMW only concierge service.



An advanced performance system built to allow BMW’s to better perform in a variety of road conditions. It’s a comprehensive four-wheel drive system that allows for maximum control without diminishing comfort.


BMW Heads up Display

A full color display projected on your front windshield so that you never have to take your eyes off the road. HUD displays relevant driving info like speed and a other safety features to keep you informed and never distracted.


Why buy a 2016 BMW 535i?

2016 BMW 535 is a strong entry into the BMW lineup. It’s a vehicle that personifies what it means to be a modern vehicle. It’s the result of years of expert engineering and constant innovation year after year. It looks like a finely tuned professional athlete in peak physical form. On the inside, it’s got the mind of a brain surgeon, with luxury that is suited for royalty. It’s the vehicle that is enjoyable to drive and instills envy in all that see it go. Don’t believe me? Book a test drive today!

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