Being the best is something BMW knows all too well. They’ve been at the top tier of vehicle innovation and luxury for decades. They’ve achieved a level of success and a reputation which pushes beyond popular and into the iconic. With such memorable vehicles, they stand in a class of their own, such as; the athletic 5 Series or the exquisite M Series, it’s no wonder BMW has such high expectations from the consumer year after year. And year after year, they do not disappoint. The new BMW 7 Series starts at under $130,000 and is available for sale now at Edmonton BMW.

At the head of the BMW pantheon, is a vehicle whoch perfectly encapsulates what makes BMW the vehicle brand they are today - and the vehicle is the 2016 7 Series. The 7 Series is bigger, faster, and smarter than you’d even think a vehicle could be. It does so all while being increasingly and painstakingly efficient. Efficient, but never cheap. BMW spares no expense when it comes to the design of their vehicles. It knows beyond everything else, the best always rise to the top, and that quality, like the BMW brand, is timeless. 

We already mention BMW does does thing bigger and better, and the 2016 7 Series personifies the idea. It features a long and sleek front end, it is athletic and elegant simultaneously, is led by the famous BMW kidney grille, the mesh air intakes lined up on either side, the beautiful LED headlights, and of course the iconic BMW rondel planted square in the frame of the vehicle’s front face.  Sleek accent and smooth curves split across the middle section, giving the 7 Series a little bit of mobility even when stoic.

The view from the back, a tight rear end with perfectly placed taillights and curves, offers a view which injects a shot of jealousy into those trailing behind you. As a silhouette, the 7 series is pristine, and almost otherworldly by nature. Even at a glance, you can see the 2016 7 Series is something truly special. It truly inspires greatness in others. 

5 V-8 - 445 HP 480 LB-FT 1035 LBS

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As impeccably designed on the inside as well as the outside, the 2016 7 Series, is equal parts luxury liner and sports car. From the moment you sit down, you get to experience the remarkable interior for the 7 Series vehicles. The seats a the perfect balance of plush and form fitting to provide a steady comfort, both strong and malleable to fit a variety of driving types. Whether a slow cruise down Jasper Ave. or a trip on one of Alberta’s fine highways, inside of a 7 Series you’ll will be comfortable beyond measure. Each piece of technology is perfectly place and engineered to be the highest quality, as well as added to ensure your drive is as smooth and customizable as possible. BMW vehicles also offer technology like iDrive, which helps you stay connected while and a wide variety of top-notch audio feautres, Navigation, and Rearview and Surround view cameras. It’s the luxury vehicle with everything you’ve ever wanted in a vehicle. The 2016 BMW 7 Series in Edmonton does luxury right. 



The 7 Series vehicles, while being supremely elegant in its luxury and hyper-advanced in its technology, saves the best for what you cannot see, being what hides underneath the hood. To put it simply, the 7 Series is a performance powerhouse. Muscling out 445 horsepower and 480 lbs-ft of torque out of a expertly engineer 8-cylinder engine. The amount of raw power the 7 series vehicles offer is terrifying but in the best possible way. With just a simple touch of the pedal, there’s a burst of speed and a shot of adrenaline to go with it. Factor in the dynamic technology of the BMW xDrive system, and you get one of the most balanced, controlled drives you’ll ever experience. While the power is a lot to handle, you never feel out of control, or unsafe. It is partly due to a variety of safety features provided by BMW, like the Nigh Vision, which increases vision through the windshield at night and helps identify pedestrians walking along the road.  You’ve never experienced design quite like this. It drives in a way so far beyond what your typical drive would be, it will simply blow you away. The 2016 7 Series is unique, in the sense no vehicle even comes close to comparing. 

BMW lives and breathes its reputation. It’s been said BMW is not just a brand but a lifestyle, and exactly how BMW likes it. BMW drivers know the lifestyle, and it’s the type of thing you don’t come back from. Once you drive BMW, you stay BMW. They create vehicles superior in style and in luxury, as well in performance and technology, which is not something most vehicles are capable of. When it comes to the 7 Series, it’s no shock being in the upper echelon of BMW vehicles, it is as impressive as it is. Compared to other vehicle brands, even one of BMW’s lower models like the 3 Series or 4 Series models, are something special. Which only strengthens the idea BMW is pure quality. The 2016 BMW 7 Series is exceptional beyond measure. 

BMW offers the ultimate driving experience, and it doesn’t get better than the 2016 7 Series BMW's. 

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