Looking at what BMW has accomplished over the years, they have steadily built a brand that has become one of the most sought after and respected vehicles brands on the road. Because BMW is so good at doing Luxury vehicle, and they truly are, it is sometimes easy to forget that they are capable of much more. Even just taking a look at the 2016 BMW X6, or the 2016 BMW X3, which are vehicles that are drenched in BMW luxury, but by no means are they the same type of vehicle as something a little more traditionally BMW. BMW is very much capable at being a diverse brand. And it is apparent with the design of the 2016 BMW Z4. A vehicle that is unique, even among BMW vehicles. It’s a vehicle that encapsulates BMW’s Luxury inside of a sports car shell.

Let’s take a closer look.

The 2016 Z4, while being something different, still lives very much in the BMW world. It’s still got the backbone and DNA of BMW vehicles. The 2016 Z4 is a sporty yet elegant roadster, a bit of a throwback to 60’s and 70’s era sports cars, sport a long front end, curving nicely down to the bold front grille that displays the two kidney grilles and the BMW Rondel, a look so definitively BMW. Moving along, the middle section of the 2016 Z4, cut with accent lines that are fluid, even when not in motion. The Z4’s back end is tight and short, which gives it an aggressively athletic look, with the controlled beauty that of a ballet dancer rather than say the brute force of a NFL Linebacker. And if the mood strikes, don’t hesitate to drop the hard top down and transform this sports car into an authentic roadster coupe with just a touch of the button. It’s this kind of versatility that has allowed BMW to dominate a variety of vehicle genres and the 2016 BMW Z4 is the ultimate sports car. 

Seating HP Torque Base Curb Weight
2 240 260 LB-FT 3263 lbs

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On the inside, the 2016 BMW Z4 really separates itself from other vehicles in its class.  While the 2016 Z4 is very much a sports car, the interior is where its BMW DNA really shows. The Z4 interior is crafted specifically to suite royalty. It’s a roadster that offers supreme comfort and one of the most customizable drives available in any vehicle class. It’s a mix of equal parts classic car and cutting edge BMW technology. Besides comfort, there’s a plethora of intelligent technology. Using technology like iDrive and ConnectedDrive to help keep you connected while on the road, and other more streamlined technology liked the top of the line audio features and navigation displayed on a touchscreen placed in the middle of the Z4’s styled and classic dash. BMW has taken its years of providing top class luxury and thrown into a roadster body, and the result; a fantastic success. The 2016 BMW Z4 perfectly encapsulates the ultimate driving experience. 


The 2016 BMW Z4 has world class luxury inside one of the finest exterior bodies on the market. But when it comes to the performance aspect, the Z4 is a pure masterpiece. It’s a work of fine art. Using innovative techlogy like the BMW xDrive combined with a Turbo 4 and 6-cylinder engine, the Z4 muscles out 300 horsepower of pure, unadulterated enjoyment. Add in BMW’s comfort and smooth drive and you get a vehicle that was built both to cruise and to race at high speeds. BMW also adds in added safety with its Night Vision mode, that increases visibility at night and picks out pedestrians on the side fo the road to give you added awareness to your night drive. With all this, you also get a vehicle that is incredibly efficient as well, with a fuel economy that rivals any other vehicle in its class. BMW is a brand that understands the importance of protecting the environment, and with the Z4 they have created a roadster that is highly fuel and emission efficient, while never sacrificing comfort or performance in doing so. 

Z4 2.0 dohc 6 SPEED MANUAL 6.9HWY/10.7 CITY


Unlike other vehicle brands. BMW moulds vehicles to be pieces of art rather than just being a piece of machinery. They craft vehicle that stand the test of time, with looks that are timeless, and features that make it an instant classic. BMW holds their vehicles to a standard of excellence other vehicles only dream of reaching. It’s no wonder that the name BMW itself is shorthand for luxury, style and class fit for royalty. With the 2016 BMW Z4, you get everything BMW normally brings to the table: the performance, the intelligence, the beauty, and BMW engineers it into the perfect homage to the roadster vehicles of years past. It is a vehicle that you will want to drive, the vehicle that you will want to show off. It’s the vehicle you always dreamed of. It is the vehicle you deserve. 



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