The BMW name means something. It’s a brand that represents luxury. It has crafted this reputation from years of producing the highest caliber of vehicle. But in recent years, BMW has worked to expand its brand. But to add depth to an already highly regarded vehicle roster is not an easy task. BMW has already brought you something new and exciting in the form of the X series, which is transforming the SUV and crossover vehicle classes entirely. They are doing the same thing, but with the small size sedan. Let me introduce you to the BMW 2 Series.

The 2017 BMW 2 Series, the smallest vehicle in BMW’s roster, packs in everything you’ve come to expect in a BMW vehicle. It achieves the highest levels of performance, style, and technology while also being one of the most competitively priced vehicles on the market. While BMW isn’t known for being cheap, you won’t find a vehicle that is a better bang for your buck. It does this, while still providing the ultimate driving experience that BMW is known for. Let’s take a closer look. 


2017 2 Series Interior



Like every BMW, the 2 Series is designed with impeccable precision. Led by the unforgettable double kidney grille, the 2 Series has a redesigned front end and an intense level of width in the vehicles midsection. It’s athletically designed rear end accentuates the strength of the body. It’s a vehicle that offers a dynamic silhouette, one that belongs solely to BMW. It’s got an interior design that feels futuristic while providing the level of luxury and comfort that you’ve come to expect from BMW. The 2 Series is a proud member of the BMW family. 


2017 2 Series Exterior


BMW vehicles are known for being performance masterpieces. The 2 series, while being BMW’s smallest vehicle, lives up to its name in every way. It’s a sleek and agile machine that is as much a work of art as a piece of engineering. The 2017 2 Series has 340 horsepower out of a hyper-efficient TwinPower Turbo engine. This award winning engine, powered through xDrive goes from 0 to 100km in 4.8 seconds, while also having one of the most competitive fuel economies for a vehicle of its size. 


2017 2 Series Performance


BMW is simply one of the smartest brands on the market. They have always been at the forefront of technological innovations. The 2017 BMW 2 Series comes equipped with exclusive BMW technology like BMW ConnectedDrive, which keeps you more connected and organized than any system in any vehicle. There’s also Driver Assistance, a BMW system designed to ensure your drive is as smooth as possible, as well as a murderer's row of the best audio and entertainment technology around. Come into Edmonton BMW and learn all about the 2017 2 series through our BMW genius. 


2017 2 Series Technology

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