BMW sets the standard of what it means to buy a luxury vehicle. It’s a name you hear, and instantly recognize exactly what that means. Quality. BMW produces vehicles of the highest quality, vehicles that feel exceedingly powerful, incredibly intelligent, and that have luxury suited for royalty. They have a reputation to uphold. The name BMW means something, and when people think of BMW, they think about the 3 Series.

The BMW 3 Series is the stalwart of the BMW vehicle roster. It’s the most popular of the BMW vehicles, and with good reason. It’s a vehicle that has one of the most iconic looks in the automotive industry, while also providing a level of performance that defies already high expectations. It’s the luxury vehicle that has the body of a classic roadster and the mind of a genius. Let’s take a closer look.

2017 3 Series Interior


BMW vehicles have a distinct look. Whether it be their long nose, their wide stance, or that unforgettable BMW double kidney grille. When you think of BMW, you think of the 3 Series. It’s the model that embodies that iconic BMW design. The 2017 3 Series boasts that long body, that strong stance, and that dynamic silhouette that you typically associate with the BMW brand. It looks and feels like a vehicle that is beyond stylish, beyond luxurious. It’s aggressive, sporty, and everything you want out of a BMW. 


2017 3 Series Exterior

Power & Efficiency

BMW vehicles are known for being engineering masterpieces. The 3 Series is a throwback to the classic roadster brought to life for the modern age. The 2017 3 Series offers an incredible 320 horsepower and 258 ft-lbs of torque out of a 3.0 L TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine. This amazingly effective engine is both efficient and with the help of BMW’s xDrive, can power up from 0 to 100km in 4.9 seconds. It offers one of the most controlled and yet powerful drives you’ll find anywhere.  



2017 3 Series Efficiency


BMW is without a doubt one of the most intelligent vehicle brands on the market. They are proud to be one of the few vehicle names that are at the forefront of technological innovations. The 2017 BMW 3 Series comes stocked with exclusive BMW technology like BMW ConnectedDrive, which keeps you more connected and organized than any system in any vehicle. There’s also Driver Assistance, a BMW system designed to ensure your drive is as smooth as possible, as well as a murderer's row of the best audio and entertainment technology around. Come into Edmonton BMW and learn all about the 2017 3 series through our BMW genius. 



2017 3 Series Technology

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