In the automotive industry, reputation is everything. A car brand, as well as a dealership, lives or dies by word of mouth generated about it. Few auto-makers relish in their reputation more than BMW. BMW has a reputation of luxury, of quality. They produce vehicles that are high-class, high-performance, and highly respected. BMW is the upper echelon of the automotive industries. And nothing says Upper echelon quite like the BMW 4 series.

The 4 Series is undoubtedly one of the shining stars of the BMW vehicle roster. Located on the higher end of the BMW totem pole, the 2017 4 Series blows away any expectations you had of it as a luxury sedan. It puts on a showcase of what it means to be a performance enhanced luxury model. Its beauty is in its form, in its design, and its technology. But enough talk, let’s take a closer look. 


2017 4 Series Interior


The 4 Series takes a vehicle designed based on tradition and brings it into the modern age. Years of clever engineering has rendered the BMW model to be one of the most recognizable, and one of the most respected in the entire automotive industry. The 2017 4 Series has the perfect sports coupe shape. Its fluid styling oozes class and athleticism. The striking front end has LED headlights which flank that world-famous double kidney grille, with the BMW roundel, planted right in the middle. 


2017 4 Series Exterior

Power & Efficiency

The roar of a BMW engine as it accelerates is uncanny, a unique and exhilarating experience. The 4 Series starts at 248 horsepower out of a 2.0 L inline-four engine, and a massive 320 horsepower out of a 3.0 L inline six engine. It’s capable of going from 0-100km in under 4.3 seconds. Powered by BMW x-Drive, the 2017 4 Series offers one of the most precise and well-crafted drives you’ll experience, while also being more fuel efficient than most vehicles of its kind. It is performance designed for your driving pleasure. 



2017 4 Series Efficiency


BMW technology uses a cool mix of athletic design and the perfect amount of luxurious comfort. Everything the 2017 4 Series has to offer is designed to improve your driving experience. It uses technology like BMW ConnectedDrive, which keeps you more connected and organized than any system in any vehicle. There’s also Driver Assistance, a BMW system designed to ensure a smooth drive no matter what speed you travel at, as well a top-shelf selection of the best audio and entertainment technology around. Come into Edmonton BMW and learn all about the 2017 4series through our BMW genius. 



2017 4 Series Technology

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