The automotive industry is all about doing something big. Making waves, generating buzz is a major part of how the industry operates. But, creating something that has a substantial impact is one thing, but doing so while not being overtly over the top, that’s something truly impressive. BMW has developed a reputation for vehicles doing big things, but it’s not flashy. They don’t brag; they let their vehicles do the talking. It’s subtlety in a big way.

The 2017 6 Series shows how a vehicle can be both elegant and powerful simultaneously. This idea stretches from its impeccable exterior; it’s lavish interior, its sturdy frame and powerfully smart use of technology. As a performance vehicle, it’s a marvel of modern engineering. It’s a vehicle that teaches other vehicles how to be graceful, while still making bold statements. Let’s take a closer look. 

2017 6Series Interior


At this point, the BMW look has pushed beyond familiar into the realm of iconic. The 6 Series wears the BMW name proudly, with the BMW roundel planted dead-center in between the double-kidney grille, creating that world-famous BMW front face. The 6 Series has a long, stretching front end, with short overhangs, and a sharply cut roofline that extends all the way to a tight back end. On the Coupe, there’s a two-door side panel that gives a more athletic vibe to the 6 Series design. It’s interior is both spacious, while also being tightly designed. You’re never searching for more space, but at the same time, everything you need is always within reach. 



2017 6Series Exterior

Power & Efficiency

There are few things that make a drive more exhilarating than the rumbling of a BMW designed engine. The 6 Series sits along side the M Series and the 7 Series at the top of the BMW power spectrum. The 2017 6 Series powers out 445 Horsepower and 480 ft-lbs of torque out of a 4.4 L V8 engine. Certain 6 Series models come stocked with xDrive, a BMW performance system that provides an uncannily smooth ride. The 6 Series also has a highly competitive fuel economy and one of the best c02 emissions rates of vehicles its size. It’s the ultimate driving experience. 




2017 6Series Performance


BMW pushes boundaries on what automotive technology means. While the rest of the industry is only now introducing tech like windshield display and driver assistance safety features, BMW had it nearly a decade ago. With the 2017 BMW 6 Series, you get one of the most technologically advanced sedans driving on Edmonton roads. Headed by the BMW tech-hub, ConnectedDrive, the 6 Series keeps you more connected and organized than any system in any vehicle. With Driver Assistance, a BMW system designed to ensure a trouble-free drive no matter what speed you travel at, as well a top-level selection of the best audio and entertainment technology around, the BMW 6 Series turns any boring, typical drive into the unforgettable. Come into Edmonton BMW and learn all about the 2017 6 Series through our BMW genius. 



2017 6Series Technology

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