What Is A Demo?

BMW is as lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of sophistication and privilege. Buying-in to said lifestyle comes at a price. It’s something that makes BMW vehicles exclusive, a characteristic that is part of what makes BMW such a revered vehicle brand.  But what if there were a way to be a part of the BMW family, without having to always break the bank.

There is, and that option is purchasing a BMW demo vehicle at Edmonton BMW

Demos are new vehicles that are driven for a short period of time by sales people and managers. They are driven for a maximum 8,000 kilometers, after which the vehicles are put up as Demos buys. 

Why Buy A Demo?

The quick answer is, the price. Demos are driven vehicles, so they are marked down from starting price. They are driven for such a small time frame, that time used to break the vehicle in. When it comes down to when you’re ready to sit down in your BMW demo, it’ll ready to go.  

Warranty On A Demo?

The way warranty works with Demo vehicles is that your warranty starts only after you drive your new vehicle off the loft, regardless of accumulated kilometers. That means that if you have a 5-year warranty, despite the car having been driven previously, you still get warranty equal to the full term. 

What Bonuses Does Buying A Demo Offer?

Demo vehicles are driven with the utmost care and consideration by out informative and intelligent sales people and managers. It is their job to understand and know each vehicle that we sell down to the finest detail. Because these vehicles are handpicked by the salesman, they are typically the most feature heavy trims of the specific vehicle and you often find yourself getting feature upgrades at a fraction of the cost.  And while cost is rarely something a BMW customer is worried about, it is always nice to get a good deal.

Come on in, and check out the incredible vehicles.  



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