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The automotive industry never sleeps. It’s an industry that is constantly moving and continually shifting in a variety of directions. To stay ahead of the game it takes an intense effort, and not one that every automotive brand is willing to put forth. Some vehicles are willing to go far enough, some vehicles are willing to invent and innovate to stay alive, to stay relevant. But even then, it is one thing to survive within the industry, to tread water, and it is another to thrive. Some vehicle companies don’t just tread water, but they manage to achieve success while swimming upstream. It is those vehicle brands that attract our attention. No company does that better than BMW.

BMW is no longer just a luxury vehicle brand. While that's prominently how BMW has been known historically, it’s a vehicle brand that has carefully sculpted a new identity. It’s a vehicle brand that has refined elegance, elevated performance, and push limits on the intelligence a vehicle has available to it.

BMW has grown from a small, well-talked about import vehicle into one of the most prominent and sought-after vehicle brands in the world. BMW has done so by continuing to improve upon an already excellent product. It’s willingness to grow is at the forefront of its success. Look at recent developments like with the X series, like the 2016 X3, or the M series with the 2016 M2. BMW is pushing forward once again, this time into a whole new era. Here is BMW’s electric sedan, the BMW i3.

The BMW i3 is breaking new ground and bringing the electric car into the mainstream. BMW uses a unique design, and clean energy to bring you a vehicle that looks and feels different. It’s a vehicle that embodies BMW’s sophistication, elegance, and performance in a whole new way. 

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Interior Design

To begin, let’s take a look at the interior design of the 2016 BMW i3. The i3, while being purposefully different in design than other BMW vehicles, it still embodies the essence of what BMW is. It’s a cleaner look, more spacious and efficient in its design. It still provides an uncanny level of comfort that BMW is known for. From anywhere in the vehicle, you get a scenic view at your journey, whether that be a trip to the office, or a leisurely cruise down to the lake. From the front, you get a feeling unlike any vehicle, with no centre tunnel in between the driver and passenger seats, you get more room than ever before. It’s a surreal experience everyone deserves to experience. It provides what BMW promises, which is the ultimate driving experience.

Its physical design is an experience in sustainability as much as its engine. A large portion of the interior is built using renewable and recycled materials. It does so while being elegant and stylish as well.

The BMW i3 takes intelligent design and injects it into one of the most environmentally conscious vehicles ever made. It’s a masterclass in style and luxury in the way only BMW seems to be able to pull off. It comes with a variety of BMW centric features such as: ConnectedDrive and iDrive, and is one of the most unique drives you’ll ever experience. It’s certainly something to look out for in the next year. 

3615 lbs
184 LB-FT @ 6500rpm

Outside Design

BMW has a reputation of creating vehicles that are identifiable both at a distance and at a glance. The i3 is a hatchback that offers a stout, but muscular body style which offers a unique take on what a vehicle can look like. BMW is pushing boundaries once again with the exterior of the BMW i3.

The i3 offers a unique athletic design that makes it stand out both in its class as well as among other BMW vehicles. As a hatchback, it boasts a strong rear end and slopes smoothly to a sturdy looking front end that offers up the bug-eye BMW headlights and the BMW rondel. 

Trim Comparisons





111 HWY / 137 CITY




A system that combines your smartphone with your vehicle. Using the internet to keep you connected, it gives you access to all your phones call and text functions as well as GPS and a BMW only concierge service. 



An advanced performance system built to allow BMW’s to better perform in a variety of road conditions. It’s a comprehensive four-wheel drive system that allows for maximum control without diminishing comfort. 


BMW Head up Display

A full color display projected on your front windshield so that you never have to take your eyes off the road. HUD displays relevant driving info like speed and a other safety features to keep you informed and never distracted.


Why buy a 2016 BMW i3?

The BMW i3 is without a doubt the vehicle of the future. A renewable energy source that is clean and efficient. It’s got an interior look that screams futuristic, and an exterior that was clearly designed with the future in mind. Like the BMW i8, the i3 provides a unique drive that belongs solely to electric vehicles. If helping save the world is something within your personal interests, then an electric car is a great first step. 

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