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BMW has been one of the most prolific and identifiable automobile makers of our generation. Almost anyone in the world can recognize the familiar emblem, and it has often been one of the most sought after and desired import makes. Through years of racing, design, and engineering experience, BMW is able to continue to take their game to the next level and bring us the highest quality and some of the most fun driving experiences of a luxury automobile manufacturer. With a focus on perfection and beauty they further improve many of their existing models by offering them in a BMW exclusive, “M” version.

So what exactly does the “M-Series in Edmonton” mean? What vehicles can it be found on? And why on earth would you want to buy one?

To begin the M brand features exclusive engines not found on any other BMW model line. Instead of using a technique that some automobile makers make where they reuse an already designed engine and simply turbo charge it, every “M Power” engine is developed independently for unique performance and unrivaled quality. To further complement this “M Power”, a combination of finely tuned brakes, acceleration components, and suspension give the vehicle "M Agility” to allow for nimble cornering and manoeuvring. All M models rethink traditional vehicle components and reinvent them to provide the ultimate driving experience. These vehicles are designed for people who love to drive, and those who are able to truly appreciate the many innovations BMW has included in every M model.

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BMW M3 vs BMW M4


M-Series Coupes, convertibles, or sedans

The BMW M models are now featured on four different BMW series within Canada. Today in Edmonton you can purchase a new BMW M3 in Edmonton, BMW M4 in Edmonton, BMW M5 in Edmonton, or BMW M6 in Edmonton, and within these model lines lie further options such as coupes, convertibles, or sedans. Providing a great selection depending on your personal needs one thing is guaranteed between all of the M series vehicles, a luxurious and spectacular vehicle and drive.

The BMW M3 sedan is a four door high performance car. Completely redeveloped from the regular 3 series the M TwinPower Turbo engine delivers high performance on demand at any rev range. New technologies such as the Active M Differential, M suspension, M Servotronic or 7-speed M dual-clutch transmissions give you the vehicle an incredibly sporty feel no matter if you’re going 50 KM/H or 150 KM/H. With a luxurious interior and leather wrapped M exclusive bucket seats that hug you and make you feel at home even on the road it delivers a high class luxury experience without an accompanying high price tag.

Those looking for an even sportier touch will love the BMW M4 Coupe with a record low weight of less than 1,500 kg. Also featuring an M TwinPower Turbo and your choice of automatic or manual transmission this vehicle glides on the road. With limited road noise, incredible comfort, and unparalleled agility this vehicle will take you anywhere you’re going quickly comfortably. If you’re looking for a fun summer vehicle the BMW M4 is also available in a convertible mode to give you a huge adrenaline rush and heart thumping experience with the top down.


Achieved near perfection

The true adrenaline junkies will be thrilled with what the BMW M5 in Edmonton has to offer. Taking the previous models to the next level by introducing an M TwinPower Turbo V8 gives the BMW M5 a major horsepower boost. In addition a distinct M grille with an M rear spoiler, diffuser, and LED rear lights make the BMW M5 one of the most distinct and noticeable vehicles in the M lineup. A recent review of the BMW M5 left the reviewer bewildered and can be found using the research tabs above. With a high level of customization and sporty look and performance that begs to be driven fast it has become one of the bestselling M vehicles. 

Due to its massive popularity the BMW M6 has the largest variety of models to choose from, including a Coupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible. With highly customizable performance available on the M6 it is a great pick for performance enthusiast. A freely programmable M Drive vehicle setup allows you to custom tailor your vehicle based on your driving conditions and preferences. This high performance luxury car raises the bar with its dynamic appearance, next generation technology, and incredible efficiency. The BMW M6 engineers and design team achieved near perfection when creating the M6 and combined a sporty design, with race like performance and extravagant convenience features to truly showcase what owning a BMW vehicle should feel like. Like the M5 the M6 features the MTwinPower Turbo V8 engine as well as BMW’s advanced BMW xDrive AWD system to ensure you can enjoy your BMW M6 year round with confidence.

To truly appreciate the BMW M experience you have to take one of these vehicles for a drive. Whether you decide to look at a new or used BMW M car for sale you will not be disappointed from the second you sit down and start the vehicle up, to the time you pull back on to your driveway at home. Edmonton BMW can help you find the perfect BMW M-Series vehicle.

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