BMW is continually at the forefront of new and innovative design. Whether it be a new take on a classic car like the 2016 BMW Z4, or something fresh and different like the 2016 BMW M2, BMW spares no expense. Which is why when it comes to technology, BMW offers a selection of technology, technology of the highest intelligence of any vehicle on the road. It’s practically futuristic in nature.

Here’s a sample of the technology BMW offers: 



The system is designed in two parts. The first is a glare-free, high-resolution LCD screen mounted into the dashboard of the vehicle. It is controlled by the second element, an interactive knob affixed to the center console. Together, these two pieces of equipment present an intuitive way to control the vehicle’s climate options (air conditioning and heating) and audio controls (cd and radio) as well as its communication and navigation systems. The four most commonly used features: CD, radio, telephone and navigation have been assigned to buttons placed above the controller knob. Since 2007, BMW has added another eight buttons to the dashboard that can be programmed as you wish with such go-to’s as your favorite radio stations, CD titles, phone numbers and destinations, to name a few.




The xDrive is a performance enhancer that provides more stability and control. It does so by utilizes a torque split between the front and rear axles. By switching to this new design xDrive is able to regulate how power is split between axles. In a traditional system if any slip on icy or poor road surfaces was detected power was typically split at 40% to the front and 60% to the rear; while in the new xDrive technology if any slippage is detected it is able to react in .1 seconds and send up to 100% power to either axle.


Want to Know More?

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Night Vision

BMW’s Night Vision is a feature that provides more depth and visibility when night driving. It uses a thermographic camera integrated into the front grille to pick up infrared radiation being emitted by living obstacles that shouldn’t be left in the dark to motorists, namely people and animals. The camera transmits a black and white image to the vehicle’s navigation display, showing us what wouldn’t normally be visible to the naked human eye. In the event of an impending collision, a warning is shown on the screen and a blinking red symbol is displayed. An acoustic warning is also heard, and the brakes are primed for optimum responsiveness.



Connected Drive

BMW’s ConnectedDrive is essentially the internet and smartphone side to their iDrive system. The other components include a rotary dial in the center console of the vehicle, connected to a 7-inch screen embedded in the dash. There is an integrated cradle that will hold most smartphones and lends to the streamlined design of the system. Connecting to the system either by a hardline plugged into the USB port or via Bluetooth is seamless and efficient.




Head Up Display

BMW Head Up Display is technology that projects information directly onto the bottom of the BMW windshield to help you keep your eyes on the road at all times. By projecting relevant driving information directly in front of your eyes, it has been proven that you process this information 50% faster than having to look down. That 50% can be the difference between a tight evasive maneuver and a collision. 

Head Up Display

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