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BMW is a vehicle brand that has acquired a tremendous amount of respect throughout the years. Respect in the automotive industry doesn’t come easy, and BMW has certainly earned theirs. They have continually delivered vehicles that far surpass any competition. They promise the ultimate driving experience, and they deliver.

BMW has taken a huge step recently in expanding its current roster. It’s no longer just the niche luxury sedan vehicle maker, its reach spans through a variety of classes. It’s taking over the world.

Edmonton BMW is a dealership that has achieved the same level of respect locally as BMW has in the automotive industry. It has done so by being knowledgeable, as well as being one of the most comprehensive and high-tech dealerships around. BMW vehicles continue to dominate their respected classes, only now, they dominate a variety of classes rather than just a select few. Here’s a look at what Edmonton BMW has to offer. 



BMW 2 Series

Just at a glance, the 2 series looks like something special. A cool mix of sophistication and sports infused curves offers up a silhouette that is electric. Starting with the striking crease line that starts from the rear axle and leads all the way to the front hood. 



BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series epitomizes sport luxury. It's chiseled physique and elegant poise are features enamored and often replicated by competing automakers, but nothing beats the original.

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BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series offers more storage space and compartments as well as integrated headrests and seatbelt to add a bit of sporty flash to this luxurious masterpiece. One of BMW’s cornerstone vehicles is the 4 series, which indeed embodies everything it means to be a BMW vehicle. 

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BMW 5 Series

When it comes down to it, the 5 Series is truly something special. It combines world class luxury, futuristic technology, and race car performance to provide one of the finest cars available in Edmonton, or anywhere in the world.

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BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series embodies the spirit of an elegant luxury car, outfitted with a modern fashion sense. Resting on a capable chassis and offering up intuitive driving dynamics, it is a more than capable high-performance vehicle with effortless handling and an entertainingly fast personality. 



BMW 7 Series

Part of what makes the BMW 7 series so revered, so respected, its ability to provide a level of complete exclusivity to whoever drives it. The features provided by BMW to the 7 series are unlike any other vehicle. They are unique, they are special.

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BMW i3 & i8

BMW is no longer just a luxury vehicle brand. While that's prominently how BMW has been known historically, it’s a vehicle brand that has carefully sculpted a new identity. It’s a vehicle brand that has refined elegance, elevated performance, and push limits on the intelligence a vehicle has available to it.



BMW has outdone itself by masterfully taking all of the meticulously designed elements of their lavish family sedans and expanding them into a perfectly balanced small-sized SUV. The new X1 is equipped to handle all of your needs.




Taking an already impressive lineup of features and performance and expanding on those ideas while adding new ones. It’s not just something that will shape the current market of the crossover SUV, but something that will mold the future of automobiles.

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Being a classy and comfortable crossover with a functional purpose which also craves adventure, the BMW X4 is the answer to Edmonton’s need for a powerhouse vehicle that can also rule city streets. The X4 is an impressive SUV that exudes style and is sure to take the entire market by storm.




There is a reason that the BMW X5 is the benchmark vehicle for mid-size SUV’s. The level of dedication that BMW upholds when designing and building each of their vehicles shines through in the quality of their final product. 




There is one vehicle built with the versatility and proficiency to answer this call. If adventure is what you seek - if you have a taste for speed but a need for functionality, the BMW X6 is the luxury crossover that you have been looking for. 




The Z4 is one of the oldest designs in BMW's portfolio, and with its swooping roofline and aggressive stance, it is drawing more attention than ever from fans of the vintage style.



The BMW M5 is the pinnacle of what the automotive industry is capable of. The M5 packs a supreme level of performance, power, and precision combined to produce something that will lift the goosebumps off your flesh.




The 2016 BMW M4 is an elite automobile. It sits at the pinnacle of the M class. It’s a combination of extreme performance and exquisite luxury that pushes far beyond what you had ever expected. It offers the ultimate driving experience. 




The BMW M2 is the vehicle of the future. With interior luxury that is fit for royalty, an exterior style that is unmatched, combined with supremely designed performance and safety feature gives you a vehicle that is an instant classic.




The BMW M3 has a distinct look that belongs solely to BMW. An athletic design, one that is slim and yet muscular. It’s a slender piece of machinery that appears powerful as well as agile. It reaches a level of beauty other vehicles only dream of.




The BMW M6 is a master stroke of creativity and ingenuity. It takes the best of what BMW is capable of and puts it on display. It is a vehicle that wears its BMW colors proudly. It’s a vehicle of refined elegance and genius engineering in both design and in performance.


These are national MSRP prices that do not include taxes, levies, fees, freight and delivery charges, insurance and licence fees as well as any other products or services not listed that may be available. The national MSRP does not apply in Alberta where total/all-in prices are required. Contact Edmonton BMW for accurate pricing.

BMW Models at Edmonton, AB

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