Finance Department


No matter what your credit situation, our specialists can help tailor a finance package to fit your needs. Our experience with a wide variety of financial institutions helps us provide financing for all credit levels. To get started, just complete our secure online credit application. We'll help you get pre-approved, making it even easier for you to shop for your next vehicle.
Or if you'd prefer to sit with us in person, we'd be delighted to. Our Finance Experts are here to answer all your questions regarding car loans in Edmonton, AB. And once we've sat down with you, we'll discuss the many options available to you, including both financing and leasing options. We'll use our connections with a variety of lenders in the Edmonton area and beyond to find you and outstanding offer.


No matter which way you look at it, the process of buying a car is always long and arduous. It's a perpetual flurry of choices and decisions that some enjoy, while others can get discouraged. But it all seems worth it in that moment you drive away with your perfect new vehicle. Edmonton BMW would like to lessen the work you have to do by providing a detailed look at whether it's better for you to buy or to lease a vehicle.
Here's how they compare:
  • You have the luxury of actually owning the vehicle
  • Owning gives you the ability to customize or upgrade your vehicle to your liking
  • Owning allows you the choice of how long to keep your vehicle
  • With owning comes equity; your car is an asset
  • Owning gives you the time to become familiar with a great BMW vehicle
  • No long-term commitment
  • Lease vehicles stay under warranty
  • Feels like you are driving new
  • No vehicle depreciation
  • You get to try a variety of BMW vehicles in shorter time frame
Leasing lets you experience all that BMW has to offer without ever being tied down to one vehicle. With owning, you get the freedom to do whatever you'd like with the vehicle while also owning it for a longer period of time. Both Edmonton vehicle financing and leasing have their benefits; it's just a matter of what you prefer and what suits your financial needs.
Regardless of whether you choose Edmonton vehicle financing or leasing, we're here to sit with you to discuss your options and financial future. Contact us today to learn more and set up a consultation with a Financial Expert here at Edmonton BMW.