Winterizing Your BMW


Edmonton winters can be difficult to endure. The harsh weather conditions affect the performance of your vehicle, and the maintenance to keep it running can be a headache to figure out and to pay for. The good news is that Edmonton BMW is prepared to help you keep your vehicle working and ready for the winter season. We offer a wide variety of services and sales to makes things easier for you and give you peace of mind.


Not only does Edmonton BMW sell winter tires for your vehicle, but we have multiple services that cater to them as well.
So let us install your tires for you! We have seasonal tire swaps available all year long, so come see our service department to switch your summer tires for winter ones, and vice versa. If you don't have space in to keep your other set of tires during the off season, we have tire storage available so you don't have to have to worry about where they'll be. We also offer maintenance for your tires throughout the whole season including balance, rotation, and replacement.

Winter Tires & Services


It's important that your brakes are in good condition during the winter. The icy roads and conditions not only make driving more difficult, but they affect the quality and condition of your brake pads as well.
Come see us if you think your brakes need an inspection. From there, we can adjust the alignment of the brakes and get you going back onto the road. If that doesn't work, we also offer replacement brake pads if they're in bad condition. We would never want to compromise your safety and let you leave our dealership with bad brake pads.

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During the winter, your vehicle needs to be maintained and working at its highest capacity to battle the harsh conditions of Albertan winters. Luckily, we offer maintenance for your vehicle all-year round.
Your wipers, windshields, headlights and more are important to maintain because they're more susceptible to damage from the cold winds and heavy debris, so let us keep them in good condition. Your car's fluids should also be in good condition and changed every now and then, such as your wiper fluid levels, your engine's oil, coolant, etc. Of course, you can always visit our showroom or book an appointment ahead of time for an inspection and see what else your vehicle needs for the winter.

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