2023 BMW iX Technology in Edmonton, Alberta

The BMW iX is a futuristic car with advanced technology and excellent features. It has an electric drivetrain that it uses for assistance as well as a range of other functions that make your drive smooth. Here's a quick overview of the 2023 BMW iX technology that makes it outstanding in its class.

Driving Assistance

Driver assistance features help enhance your driving experience like never before. It comes with emergency stop assistance, lane-keeping assistance, active-side collision prevention and emergency stop assistance. All of these features help make your car safer and more efficient  each time you're on the road. 

Reverse Assistance

The smart feature monitors the last 50 meters of your motion to help you park your car in the  most efficient manner. If you thought parking in tight spots was a nightmare, this feature makes it a breeze. 

Digital Displays

A great infotainment system makes all the difference, and this car comes with two 12.3-inch digital displays that allow you to keep all your features in control without having to drift away your eyes from the road. This makes it one of the smartest vehicles on the road. 

Intelligent Personal Assistant

This is one of the best features that allow you to control your vehicle with voice commands. This  assistant will also allow you to explore all features of the BMW. All you need to do is ask the assistant. 

Software Updates 

With regular software updates, you can now keep your BMW updated with the latest technology. You can do this using the pre-installed SIM or even through the BMW app. 

Smartphone Integration 

There's nothing better than being able to connect your phone to your car, and this smartphone  integration feature enables you to do just that. Allowing you to connect both Apple and Android devices, you can make the most of your mobile apps while on the go.

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The BMW iX is one of the best vehicles you can get today. With so many new technology features, it's no wonder people are rushing to reserve this. Contact our dealership today.