2024 BMW iX vs 2024 Tesla Model X

2024 BMW iX Comparison
2024 Tesla Model X Comparison

Spec Comparison

2024 BMW iX 2024 Tesla Model X
Starting MSRP* $82,000 $85,300
Engine litres (L) Battery electric Battery electric
Cylinder configuration NA NA
Horsepower (hp) 322 670
Torque (lb.-ft.) 465 NA
Fuel economy - city (L/100 km) NA NA
Fuel economy - highway (L/100 km) NA NA
Fuel economy - combined (L/100 km) NA NA
Exterior length (mm) 4,953 5,037
Exterior body width (mm) 1,966 1,999
Exterior body height (mm) 1,697 1,676
Wheelbase (mm) 3,000 2,964
Interior cargo volume (L) 1,005 425 - 1,051
Maximum interior cargo volume (L) 1,005 425 - 1,051
Front legroom (mm) 1,021 1,044
Rear legroom (mm) 988 983 - 1,011
Front headroom (mm) 1,067 1,059
Rear headroom (mm) 1,003 1,039 - 1,041
Front shoulder room (mm) 1,562 1,542

Electric SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, and two of the most highly anticipated models are the 2024 BMW iX and 2024 Tesla Model X. With each vehicle offering unique features and capabilities, choosing between them can be challenging. This article will provide an in-depth comparison of the iX and Model X.

Interior & Exterior Styling Comparison

The BMW iX boasts a simple, modern interior design featuring a large curved touchscreen instrument panel and a hexagonal-shaped steering wheel. It offers a range of high-tech elements, including a panoramic sunroof with electrochromic shading as an optional feature. The front seats are heated and have integrated speakers for an immersive audio experience. BMW provides both faux leather and genuine leather upholstery options for the iX.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model X showcases a classic Tesla interior design characterized by a minimalistic and nearly buttonless approach. The driver is greeted with a digital gauge display and a unique yoke-style steering controller, which can be frustrating for some.

Technology Features Comparison

The BMW iX initially launched with BMW's iDrive 8 infotainment software but has since received a free over-the-air update to iDrive 8.5. This software allows for menu and graphics customization, along with a voice-activated assistant. The iX features a large 14.9-inch infotainment display paired with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, creating a tech-forward dashboard design.


In contrast, the Tesla Model X boasts a massive touchscreen infotainment system that controls most of the vehicle's features and settings. A secondary digital readout is the gauge cluster directly before the driver. While Tesla's infotainment system is high-tech, it does not offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capability.

2024 BMW iX Technology Comparison

Safety Features Comparison

Regarding safety, the BMW iX offers a comprehensive set of standard driver-assistance features. These include parking sensors, autonomous emergency braking, automatic high-beam headlamps, and lane-keeping assist systems.

The Tesla Model X provides an impressive safety feature known as Autopilot, which allows for hands-free driving. Autopilot detects objects, people, and vehicles using cameras, sensors, and radars, enabling the Model X to drive autonomously.

Choose Right

Both electric SUVs offer unique features and cutting-edge technology. Visit Edmonton BMW to see what the iX offers. Act quickly to secure your reservation and take the first step towards experiencing a remarkable electric driving experience.

*All pricing is based on Canada MSRP and does not include taxes and fees. Dealer pricing may differ. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.

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