4 Signs Your BMW Needs a Radiator Repair

BMW Radiator Repair Service Edmonton, AB

4 Signs Your BMW Needs a Radiator Repair

It's no secret your BMW radiator is integral to its performance, and as your go-to destination for all things car maintenance-related in Edmonton, AB, we're here to fill you in on how to tell if your radiator needs tending to. Whether you drive a model from our used or new inventory, allow us to provide you with the following signs before contacting our Edmonton BMW Service Centre to schedule your next service appointment.

Your BMW Is Overheating

A BMW radiator's key function is to keep your engine from overheating, with coolant circulating through both components to absorb heat. If your BMW keeps overheating in normal driving conditions, your radiator could be failing or having issues with its coolant, which is why we recommend contacting us for a service call to prevent any major issues from arising.

Your Vehicle's Coolant Is Leaking

A coolant leak can lead to major issues with your BMW, and if you notice the fluid pooling under your vehicle while it's parked, it's time to get it looked at. Such leaks could be due to a faulty hose or a problem with the engine block or the radiator itself, but rest assured, our technicians will determine the leak's source and tend to your BMW accordingly.

Low Coolant Levels

If a "low coolant" alert keeps appearing on your dashboard after repeated refills, you may have a leak. In that case, you can spare yourself the constant refills and bring us your car to get your BMW radiator inspected.

Sludge Build-Up

Contaminants can sometimes intrude on your BMW's key components and fluids, and your radiator is no exception. If you detect rust or discoloration in your coolant, it often means sludge has built up in the radiator, which can tarnish its performance.

Contact Us

If your BMW radiator is experiencing any of these issues, contact us at Edmonton BMW to book an appointment with our Service Centre. Our certified technicians will tend to your radiator and all your other car maintenance needs and get you back to the wheel of your BMW in no time. Reach out to us today, and allow us the pleasure of restoring your vehicle to its optimal condition.