BMW Digital Key now Available on Android

BMW has been committed to innovation and continuous improvement of its keyless entry system. Since 2018, BMW has pioneered the use of the smartphone as a digital car key. Now, the BMW Digital Key is available on Android smartphones! BMW is the first manufacturer to offer a system that is available for both iOS and Android use.

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    How The BMW Digital Key Works?

    The BMW Digital Key provides simple and secure keyless access. With BMW Digital Key, you can unlock or lock your car effortlessly. By simply having your smartphone near the driver's door handle, you can enter your car! You can even start the engine by placing your smartphone in the wireless charging compartment. The BMW Digital Key is securely stored on your smartphone. Experience your BMW vehicle in a truly simple and effortless way with the BMW Digital Key.

    Now, in close collaboration between BMW, Google, and Samsung, the BMW digital key is available on Android operating system-based smartphones, starting with Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. BMW is also working on making the Digital Key accessible using more than one smartphone. Up to five family members or friends can have the BMW Digital Key passed to them.

    Car Maintenance

    Technology features are now the backbone of every BMW. From infotainment systems and built-in navigation with real-time traffic to running diagnostics and updating your car's system, technology is a major part of every BMW vehicle. If you're having trouble with your BMW's technology features, schedule an appointment at our Service Centre At Edmonton BMW, and we'll get it sorted out for you.

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