BMW Wheel Alignment

BMW Wheel Alignment

Signs of Misalignment in Your BMW

Misaligned wheels make driving more challenging and can be a risk to your safety. If you've recently encountered an unexpected pothole, hit a curb, took a speed bump too quickly, or collided with something, you might have misaligned your tires. At Edmonton BMW, we endeavour to keep you informed and protected on the road. Here's how to tell if your wheels are misaligned and how to fix and prevent it!

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    Ways to Tell Your BMW Needs an Alignment:

    1. Pulling To One Direction
    2. Vibrating Steering Wheel
    3. Uneven Tread Wear

    If you're experiencing the car pulling to the right or left, this could be due to tire pressure. If your tire pressure is fine and you are still finding it challenging to keep your car centred in the lane, or it's taking noticeable effort to stay in a straight line, this means your wheels need to be aligned. To test out if your wheels are misaligned, centre the steering wheel, drive slowly on a flat area, and release the steering wheel. If the car drifts towards one direction, then your tires need an alignment. A vibrating steering wheel and uneven tread wear could also indicate a misalignment. They're also symptoms of unbalanced tires and tires that need to be rotated. When in doubt, visit a trusted Service Centre to properly diagnose the issue.

    Car Maintenance

    While a sudden impact is the most common reason wheels get misaligned, worn parts and old suspension components are also possible factors. Old shocks, struts, or parts can become loose and affect your alignment. That's why getting a proper diagnosis is important.

    How is a misalignment resolved? Tire alignment involves adjusting the orientation of your wheels to ensure they line up with the direction of the steering wheel. Our service experts will modify the angle of your car's axles and wheels using leading-edge technology to make precision adjustments.

    While wheel alignment is not a routine car service, it's beneficial to stay on top of it and get it checked at least every 15,000 kilometres. Regular car maintenance and inspections increase vehicle performance and keep you safe on the road. Book a service appointment at our dealership and keep your car running smoothly.

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    You can experience similar issues to misaligned tires if your wheels are out of balance, your tires have uneven tread wear, you need a tire rotation, or you have low tire pressure. That's why it's advisable you visit our trusted Service Centre in Edmonton to diagnose the issue correctly and properly resolve it. While you're here, browse our new inventory for the latest BMW models or our used inventory for quality pre-owned BMW vehicles. Contact us to set up a service appointment today!