BMW Brake Maintenance in Edmonton, Alberta

BMW Brake Maintenance in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton BMW is the preferred BMW dealer in Edmonton, Alberta. We offer the latest BMW vehicle lineup along with outstanding services to support your ownership after purchase. Our goal is to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the most out of your BMW. Our BMW-certified service centre will ensure that your vehicle is operating to its maximum potential, which is only possible using OEM parts.

Brake Maintenance Importance

Your brake maintenance has to be the most critical maintenance item, as it's the only component stopping your vehicle. Just because your vehicle can stop, it doesn't mean that your braking system is operating correctly. In some cases, having minor braking issues which are not addressed promptly can lead to further expensive damage to previously working components.

Factors Affecting Lifespan Of Brake Pads

Brake Pad Material: Brake pads are made of different materials to suit specific driving styles, determining such pads' average life. For high-performance driving, a carbon-ceramic material is used to withstand braking pressure and high temperatures. Using OEM brake pads will ensure that your braking system is functioning correctly.

Driving Style: Loading heavy items into your vehicle and speeding causes your brake pads to wear out much quicker. Thus, avoid hauling unnecessary items and keep a safe braking distance between vehicles.

Driving Environment: Heavy traffic and hilly areas also increase brakes' use, lowering brake pads' lifespan. You could also use hills to your advantage by allowing gravity to slow you down uphill and early braking downhill.

Neglecting Brake Fluid: With low or dirty brake fluid, you will experience a softer brake pedal, making you depress the brakes harder to stop. It's best to get your brake fluid checked every time you replace your brakes.

Signs Your Brakes Need Replacement

  • Sounds such as squealing, scraping or grinding during braking indicates worn-out brake pads. Ensure to replace your brake pads promptly before they wear out the brake rotors.
  • If your vehicle feels juddering sensation as you brake, then your brake rotors are warped.
  • Dash warning light for fluid or brake pads. With newer BMW models, you will get a sensor impeded into the brake pad, signalling the dash once a replacement is needed.
  • Reduced braking performance can indicate that your braking system requires service.

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To ensure your BMW is getting the right parts and labour, visit our Edmonton BMW service centre. We invite you to schedule an appointment for service and browse our selection of new BMW models. Contact us for more information and tips on how to increase your brake's lifespan.

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