A Guide to Different BMW Indicators & Warning Lights

A Guide to Different BMW Indicators & Warning Lights

A Guide to Different BMW Indicators & Warning Lights

With over 60 different warning lights and alerts to your BMW's name, we at Edmonton BMW are here to spare you some guesswork and provide you with a quick guide to some of your vehicle's most important indicators. Whether you drive a model from our used inventory or a member of our new inventory, allow us to fill you in below, and feel free to contact us at Edmonton BMW in Edmonton, AB for more information.

Empty or Low Fuel

This alert is pretty self-explanatory, and if it shows up on your dashboard, it means you've got about 50 km left before your tank runs dry. Don't put off refueling if your low fuel alert flashes, as driving with a dwindling gas level can damage your fuel system over time.

Tire Pressure Monitor

When the Tire Pressure Monitor light appears, it means one or several of your tires are underinflated. A yellow alert means the affected tire(s) have dropped by about 10%, while a red alert indicates major deflation and requires immediate attention.

Oil Can

Your Oil Can alert will flash if your BMW is due for an oil change. We strongly recommend booking one with our Service Centre as soon as you spot this warning light, as low oil levels can cause heavy and costly damage to your engine if left unattended.

Light Bulb

This warning light often appears when one or more of your external lights is either out or having issues. If the alert persists after you've swapped out the bulbs, we suggest visiting our Service Centre for a proper diagnosis.


Your BMW's thermometer warning usually means its engine is hotter than usual and is in danger of overheating. If this alert appears, pull over and bring your car to a stop, give it some time to cool down, and bring it to our Service Centre immediately for an inspection.


An engine warning light could show up for any number of reasons, but it never hurts to err on the side of caution. This is why we suggest bringing us your BMW for a powertrain inspection if ever this alert rears its ugly head.

Dynamic Stability Control

This alert isn't necessarily a sign of big trouble, as it usually appears to tell you the traction control system has been activated to help you stay at the reins on a tricky surface. Once you've regained control of your BMW's ride, this indicator should turn off.

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