How To Detail a BMW?

How to clean your BMW

At Edmonton BMW, we have all your automotive needs under one roof. Whether you're looking to finance a BMW from our new inventory or used inventory or need to schedule service inspections, we have you covered. We also strive to keep you informed about the best ways to care for your BMW. A luxury vehicle like the BMW deserves the effort of a deep clean. Skip the simple wash and give your BMW a thorough clean to keep it looking and feeling like new for longer.

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    Cleaning The Interior

    Cleaning the interior is straightforward and starts with vacuuming. Vacuum the carpet of the whole vehicle and dust the surfaces. interior aspects you may miss include:

    • Using chemical cleaners and a good scrub brush on floor mats
    • Getting into the air vents with a small brush for clean air
    • Shampooing deep-set stains off upholstery
    • Wiping door panels, handles, and dashboard
    • Spraying and deodorizing with a fresh scent

    Clean The Exterior of The Car

    Washing and Drying Your BMW

    Here's how to get that shiny exterior clean that detailers achieve. Always start from the top of your car. The lower half of your BMW is closer to the ground and more likely to accumulate dirt. The wheels especially need their own set of brushes that are rougher than those you would use on the exterior. We recommend using a wheel cleaner that helps break down grime. Dedicate different brushes and cleaners to different parts of the car to limit the transfer of dirt. When drying your clean exterior, you should also use different towels for different surfaces. Using dedicated towels for each area of the exterior ensures you don't create minor abrasions or scratch the paint.

    Car Maintenance

    Cleaning contributes to proper car maintenance. The best way to keep your BMW in excellent condition is to wash it regularly and care for the interior. Treating surfaces with sealants or special coatings will help protect your vehicle for longer. Use a hydrophobic coating to treat windows to increase your visibility during rainy conditions and stay safe on the road. Use a special tire conditioner to protect the rubber from cracking or fading. On the inside, if you have leather or plastic, use a conditioner to prevent drying. You can even use special chemical agents that will protect your dashboard from UV damage.

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    At Edmonton BMW, we recommend you follow the above process at least twice a year. This will extend the life of your car, increase its value, and make it feel like you're driving a new car every day. Contact us today for all things BMW!