How to Reset Brake Light on a BMW in Edmonton, Alberta

How to Reset Brake Light on a BMW at Edmonton BMW

Imagine yourself out for a weekend drive the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you're enjoying the windy roads ahead. You come to a stop sign and notice that your BMW brake warning light is on. There are a couple of situations why this light may come on. If you have an older model BMW, you may have recently had your brakes replaced by an aftermarket shop, and they did not reset the light. Second, your brakes may be running low and need to be replaced. If you see this light, don't worry, resetting the brake pad lights is a simple and straightforward procedure.

To reset the brake light on your BMW, first, insert the key or key fob into the ignition. Turn it to position ll, but remember not to start it. Open the driver's door and leave it open for approximately 10 seconds. Close the door and turn the key back and back to position ll. Then start the vehicle, the light should be removed from the dash.

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