How to Use BMW Digital Key?

How to Use BMW Digital Key

How To Use BMW Digital Key?

As you browse our new inventory of the latest BMW models at Edmonton BMW, you will find BMWs that can be paired with the BMW Digital Key. Any model built in the summer of 2020 or later will be compatible with this technology, allowing you to use an iPhone smartphone as a virtual key that's sharable with five other devices. Contact us if you wish to learn more about this feature or find out if your BMW is compatible.

BMW Digital Key Overview

BMW and Apple came together to create the first-ever digital key for a vehicle, allowing you to access your BMW by using your iPhone smartphone. Through your iPhone, you will be able to lock, unlock, and start your BMW, making it convenient and straightforward. If your iPhone's battery runs out, you will still be able to unlock your BMW for up to five hours.

How To Step Up BMW Digital Key?

You will need to have a compatible iPhone and BMW to begin the process, and you will have to be inside the cabin with both regular keys. Create a BMW ID and use the My BMW App to add your vehicle, then access the Digital Key menu from the app to start the process. Next, press the Start Pairing button, then follow the instructions in the My BMW App. Afterwards, you will need to place your iPhone in the smartphone tray with the NFC sensor. Once it successfully pairs, you will find your Digital Key in the Apple Wallet app.

How The BMW Digital Key Works?

To lock or unlock the door, you will have to place the top of your iPhone near the door handle until you see the "Done" and a checkmark on display. To note, your iPhone can only unlock the driver's door. Once inside, you can place your iPhone in the smartphone tray and press the start/stop button. You can enable Express Mode to eliminate the need to unlock your iPhone when locking or unlocking the door. If you wish, you can manually disable this feature to require identification through FaceID, TouchID, or passcode before locking or unlocking.

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