Importance Of Summer Car Care

Importance Of Summer Car Care

At Edmonton BMW, we are your local trusted dealership for maintaining and repairing your vehicle, providing numerous automotive services that make vehicle ownership seamless and effortless. You can schedule an appointment with our experts to have your vehicle summer-ready, which includes getting any outstanding repairs or maintenance completed before driving through the hot summer days.

Five Tips To Care For Your Care During Summer

Check Your Tire Pressure

After installing your all-season tires back on, you will need to check the tire pressure to ensure that your tires are at the right pressure for optimal performance and safety.

Check The Coolant

The hot summer weather can cause your engine to experience more heat than in the winter. Be sure to begin your summer driving by checking the coolant level and condition to avoid overheating your engine on the road.

Clean Your Battery

Driving through winter can bring corrosion and road grime to build up on your battery, causing various electric issues, so clean off the terminals and give the battery a good visual inspection.

Change Your Oil

Once again, summer days are hot, and for your engine to operate smoothly and efficiently, you will want to have new oil lubricating its internal components. Also, make sure to change the oil filter with every oil change to keep your engine clean.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Nothing is worse than commuting in a hot car with a weak or completely failed air conditioner. To avoid such issues, regularly run your vehicle's air conditioning to ensure that it functions as intended and consider getting your system recharged if it fails to keep you cool.

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Whether you want to have your vehicle's various systems checked or maintained, don't hesitate to contact us to have our experts from the Service Centre get your vehicle ready for driving through the hot summer season.

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