Reasons for a Ticking Noise from Your BMW

Reasons for Ticking noise from BMW

Noises coming from your car or engine can seem worrisome. You might wonder if something is loose or broken. The first thing you should resort to when hearing an unexpected sound coming from your vehicle is to get it checked out at a trusted service centre. At Edmonton BMW, we have all the BMW expertise you need to diagnose and repair any issues with your car.

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    The BMW Engine Tick

    The reason for the ticking noise from BMW's engine has to do with the hydraulic valve lifter. If you own a BMW manufactured between 2004 - 2015 with an N52 engine, the ticking noise is most likely because of a faulty hydraulic valve lifter. The job of the hydraulic valve lifter is to create space for all the engine's moving parts are able to expand and contract. The ticking sound can occur when the hydraulic valve lifter isn't adequately lubricated. You may notice it gets worse in colder weather conditions because the lubrication needs to be heated up to function properly.

    Car Maintenance

    There are a few ways to fix the ticking noise from your BMW's engine. Changing the existing cylinder heads with those of newer models has helped in many cases. Ensure you visit our Service Centre, where we use the correct and genuine replacement parts. Lubricating your engine with an oil that's lighter weight has also been found to help reduce or eliminate the ticking noise.

    While the ticking noise may be bothersome, it isn't dangerous and will not risk your safety. But if you're not sure that it's coming from the hydraulic valve lifter, get a proper diagnosis to rule out other engine issues. Regular car maintenance prevents small issues from becoming big ones, helps you stay safe on the road, increases the life of your vehicle, and prevents costly expenses. Schedule routine car maintenance at our BMW Service Centre and keep your car running in peak condition.

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