Tips For Safely De-Icing Your Windshield

Tips for De-icing Your Windshield

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Tips For De-Icing Windshields

Apply De-Icer Spray:

One of the ways to remove ice off your vehicle's windshield is by applying a de-icing spray that will quickly melt the ice to let you get going with your drive. Although you can conveniently purchase this type of spray from automotive and hardware stores, you could easily make your own at home. There are two ways to make this type of spray: a mix of one-third water with two-thirds isopropyl alcohol, or you can add a few teaspoons of salt to the water.

Scrape Your Windshield Gently:

Once the spray loosens the ice, you can gently use a soft brush to push the ice off your windshield. If any ice remains on your windshield, you can switch to the plastic side of your brush to gently scrape off the hard ice.

Don't Pour Hot Water On Your Windshield:

Never pour hot water onto your windshield no matter what happens or how quickly you need to get to your destination. The significant difference in temperature between the frozen windshield and the hot water will cause the windshield to most likely crack. Also, don't hammer away at the ice since it could damage your windshield.

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