Wheel Balancing in Edmonton, Alberta

Wheel Balancing in Edmonton, Alberta

At Edmonton BMW, we strive to provide our customers with the services they need to enjoy a smooth and elegant driving experience. You can visit our dealership to have your wheels balanced to eliminate road vibrations, and our experts can examine your vehicle to ensure everything is functioning as intended. Visit us today and let us assist you in enjoying a seamless and effortless vehicle ownership experience.

What Is Wheel Balancing & Why It's Important

Wheel balancing is when a wheel is placed into a balancing machine that spins it to simulate driving, and the machine will calculate the weight needed to have a wheel that perfectly spins without causing vibrations. Wheels would vibrate if they are out of balance, and this issue can happen from driving over potholes or road imperfections that throw the wheel balance off. It's important to balance your wheels to avoid dangerous wheel vibrations that get severely worse when driving at highway speeds, which can cause your tires to experience premature wear.

How Wheels Are Balanced

Once your wheel is placed into the machine and the results return, a technician will follow the machine's instructions to place specific weights at specific areas of the wheel to make the wheel spin perfectly round without causing vibrations. After the weights are placed, another run is performed to confirm that the balancing is done correctly.

When To Get Wheel Balancing Done

You should be getting your wheels balanced regularly, but if you are experiencing any road vibration while driving that gets progressively worse with speed, consider getting your wheels balanced. Sometimes, a wheel weight can come off, or a pothole can cause your wheels to come out of balance, which makes it vital to stay aware of how your vehicle is driving to know when balancing is required.

When To Get Wheel Balancing Done Pothole

Contact Our Service Centre To Learn More

Be sure to contact us to book an appointment with our Service Centre to have your wheels balanced, and you can also inquire about getting your vehicle any maintenance or repairs it needs.

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