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BMW Digital Services Frequently Asked Questions

Having answers is always a great thing. At Edmonton BMW, we want to make sure all your questions are answered, and with all the great features associated with BMW Digital Services, you may have some. You can find a great selection of new vehicles in our inventory that come equipped with BMW ConnectedDrive services. Please browse online or in-store to find the BMW of your dreams.

Which Apps can I use with my BMW?

BMWs ConnectedDrive allows drivers to utilize a wide range of apps whenever they go out on their next adventure. The following apps are supported in Canada: MW Connected (iOS only), BMW Remote (Android only), BMW i Remote (Android only), BMW Connected Classic (Android only), BMW Connected Classic for 7 Series (Android only), BMW M Laptimer, Yelp, Spotify, Amazon Music and Audible. To download these apps, visit the Apple app store or Google Play store.

What are the BMW & BMW i Driver's Guide Apps?

The Driver's Guide App is a fantastic resource and allows you to download a vehicle-specific owner's manual. The information you are provided is directly tied to your vehicle identification number (VIN), so you will have relevant information. You can acquaint yourself with all the features and benefits of your vehicle by looking up pictures or watching informative videos.

How do I change my BMW Connected or BMW Remote App password?

If you need to reset your BMW ConnectedDrive/Connected and Remote app passwords, please visit and login using your email, username or password. Click "My Account' and then "My personal data.'

Apple CarPlay Preparation

How do I connect Apple CarPlay to my vehicle?

Please follow the steps below to connect Apple CarPlay wirelessly to your vehicle:

  1. Navigate to "Communication' menu in iDrive. Then, select "Manage mobile devices' followed by "Connect new device.' Scroll down and select "Apple CarPlay.'
  2. Select "Confirm.' Your vehicle ID will be displayed (i.e. BMW 12345).
  3. Under the "General' section of "Settings' on your iPhone, select "CarPlay.' Match your vehicle ID to the corresponding one listed under "Available Cars.'
  4. After pairing via passcode, wait until CarPlay is connected.
  5. On the iPhone, follow the prompts to "Pair' the request and "Allow' for iPhone to sync. When iPhone is connected, the CarPlay icon will display in the status bar at the top of the phone screen, and the status bar will turn blue.
  6. Once successfully connected, the main menu of CarPlay will be displayed in the iDrive.

What features does Apple CarPlay offer?

Apple CarPlay Preparation seamlessly integrates with BMW ConnectedDrive and BMWs iDrive system. You have access to your Messages, Apple Maps, calls, music and other compatible apps. Your BMWs centre display will be changed to resemble a tablet-like screen.

What are the requirements to use Apple CarPlay in my vehicle?

You must have an Apple iPhone or new that is running iOS 9.3 or higher. The phone will require an active data plan along with Siri, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Digital Services & Packages.

What is included with BMW ConnectedDrive Services Essential Package?

BMWs ConnectedDrive Services Essential Package provides you with added peace of mind, safety and comfort. It is standard on all BMW models 2014 and newer. Pushing the SOS button will get to directly connected to a live agent where you can request help If needed.

What features are included with BMW ConnectedDrive Services Professional Package?

With this package, you can get access to current location-based information such as news, weather, online search and more. You will also have access to Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information that will update you on roads that you normally travel.

Are there requirements to get BMW ConnectedDrive Services Professional Package?

Yes, there are a couple of prerequisites before the Services Professional Package is usable.

  1. BMW model year 2014 and newer, including model-year 2013+ 6 Series and X1.
  2. Navigation system 606 or 609 or 6UP.
  3. Please contact us for more information.

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