BMW i Series Model Comparisons

Whether you want an SUV or a sedan, the BMW lineup offers a range of sporty, elegant, and capable vehicles. The BMW i Series represents a class of improved electric vehicles that provide unmatched power and excellent driving range. At Edmonton BMW, we have made it easy for you to find the perfect vehicle by comparing available models.


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The BMW iX is built for mobility thanks to its efficient BMW eDrive technology and a fully electric all-wheel drive mode. This car delivers powerful acceleration and achieves an exceptional range of up to 500 km. Its intelligent operating system keeps it updated and user-friendly.


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BMW iX M60

Joining the performance segment is the iX M60, combining the power of the M and i series. The fully electric eDrive motor provides a staggering 610 horsepower with a driving range of up to 463 km.


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BMW i7

From its crystal headlights and illuminated kidney grille to the luxurious and feature-filled interior, the BMW i7 offers a comfortable driving experience. Its lightweight construction allows outputs of 536 horsepower and 549 lb-ft of torque with a driving range of up to 512 km.


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BMW i7 M70 xDrive

Packing two BMW M eDrive engines coupled with BMW xDrive, the sporty i7 M70 xDrive delivers 650 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 3.7 seconds. The sedan has an M-specific adaptive two-axle air suspension and variable sport steering for improved driving dynamics.


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BMW i5 M60 xDrive

The BMW i5 M60 xDrive is an electric sedan with tech-forward interiors and athletic moves to ensure you enjoy a smooth ride. Its potent motor can deliver 593 horsepower and 586 lb-ft of torque with a driving range of 412 km.


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BMW i4 Gran Coupé

As the first electric Gran Coupé, the BMW i4 is a four-door model with outstanding driving dynamics and comfort. The car has the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology and ample luggage capacity, making it a perfect vehicle for any journey.


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BMW i4 M50 xDrive

The BMW i4 M50 xDrive is an adrenaline-charged vehicle that combines the power of the M and i series vehicles. It delivers a tremendous capability with 536 horsepower, a luxurious interior with plenty of space, and intelligent driving technologies.


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