BMW i7 x Swarovski Partnership in Edmonton, AB

BMW i7 x Swarovski Partnership in Edmonton, AB

  • Motors, Dual Electric


  • 536 hp


  • 549 lb-ft

    Lb.-ft. of torque

  • 1 Speed Automatic


BMW i7 x Swarovski Partnership in Edmonton, AB

BMW is partnering with Swarovski for its latest i7 series, and we're proud to report the results are stunning. This all-electric sedan model's new Crystal Headlights Iconic Glow include elegant crystals from Swarovski, bringing a whole new meaning to luxury precision in modern vehicles. Learn more about the BMW i7's collaboration with Swarovski below and contact us at Edmonton BMW in Edmonton, Alberta for further details.

BMW i7 luxury precisionBMW i7 facet of luxury

BMW i7: Luxury Precision

Swarovski's precision in its glass material and elegant crystals combine with BMW's lauded engineering to set a whole new standard for premium lighting in luxury vehicles. Indeed, this collaboration does more than provide drivers with optimal visibility; it elevates the i7 series' headlights from simple, standard fare to unique luxury items all on their own. Kidney-shaped contouring and a two-part headlight system combine to form this new BMW-Swarovski innovation. Two pairs of crystals on each side of this system are backed by LED panels that are individually controlled and create a stunning glow unlike any other set of premium headlights.

BMW i7: A New Facet of Luxury

Whether you're using your daytime running lights, indicator lights, or your high or low beams, the BMW i7's Iconic Glow crystal headlights will give you all the visibility you'll need on the road while treating you to your own personal light show. From the moment you approach your BMW i7, these Swarovski crystal headlights will elevate your luxury automotive experience to a level never before seen in the i7's segment.

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