2020 BMW X5 vs. 2020 Range Rover

2020 BMW X5 vs 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

2020 BMW X5

2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$73,500 MSRP $83,300
3.0 Engine litres (L) 3.0
I-6 Cylinder configuration V-6
335 @ 5,500RPM Horsepower (hp) 254 @ 3,750RPM
331 @ 1,500RPM Torque (lb.-ft.) 443 @ 1,500RPM
11.7/24.1 Fuel economy - city (L/100 km / mpg) 10.7/26.4
9.1/31 Fuel economy - highway (L/100 km / mpg) 8.3/34
10.5/26.9 Fuel economy - combined (L/100 km / mpg) 9.6/29.4
4,936 Exterior length (mm) 4,879
2,004 Exterior body width (mm) 1,983
1,753 Exterior body height (mm) 1,803
2,975 Wheelbase (mm) 2,923
1,666 Front track (mm) 1,693
1,686 Rear track (mm) 1,686
960 Interior cargo volume (L) 780
2,047 Maximum interior cargo volume (L) 1,686
1,011 Front legroom (mm) 1,073
950 Rear legroom (mm) 939
1,033 Front headroom (mm) 984
983 Rear headroom (mm) 991
N/A Front hiproom (mm) N/A
N/A Rear hiproom (mm) N/A
1,524 Front shoulder room (mm) 1,542


2020 BMW X5 Vs. 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Welcome to the next generation of BMW. Ingenuity, design, sophistication, with the latest tech and safety offerings, endless options to choose from and unparalleled luxury, BMW redefines style and comfort to allow driving passion and the ability to do more. With standard LED daytime running lights and headlights, LED taillights, and gesture control for your infotainment system, BMW is once again the leader in innovative design and technology in the luxury market.

At Edmonton BMW, we want to demonstrate how the 2020 BMW X5 for sale in Edmonton, AB, compares to a similar make and model on the road today. For more information, browse our inventory of new BMW models or contact us to schedule a test drive today.

Interior, Exterior, and Safety Comparisons

The BMW X5 is not your typical SUV. With comfortable seating, a luxurious interior and the performance of the BMW engine, the BMW X5 delivers a whopping 335 hp compared to the Range Rover Sport coming shy at 254 hp. The BMW X5 also delivers more interior space, both to your passengers and cargo volume so you can take more with you as you travel through Edmonton, Alberta.


The 2020 BMW X5 offers many advantages over the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Delivering more raw power, more interior space, incredible tech enhancements for 2020 and ample cargo space so you can haul more than just your family. While both SUVs boast their size and capability the 2020 BMW X5 is also a clear winner in the price category, saving you approximately $10,000 versus the Range Rover Sport. We think the decision is clear, let us know what you think.

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    BMW doesn't have the only luxury SUVs on the market, so how do they stack up against the competition? The BMW X5 is one of the crown jewels of the BMW SUV lineup, while the Land Rover Range Rover has been a mainstay of the premium SUV market for years. Across their design, price point and performance there are many comparable elements between the two, with ones that clearly show the victor on top. Follow along with us at Edmonton BMW as we compare the BMW X5 vs. the Land Rover Range Rover.
    SUVs all have a similar box-styled body type that give the vehicle its ample interior size and impressive exterior design,, but with the easy ability to act both as a family option or off-roading vehicle with their comprehensive capability. While both SUVs, the BMW X5 and Range Rover attack their own designs in two separate ways. The Land Rover takes the "box" style at its word, delivering a rigid vehicle shape that creates firm lines that clearly separate the box of the body from the hood. On the other hand, the BMW X5 is a much more streamlined and aerodynamic option, with style and lines that flow seamlessly from back to front and don't stop and start like the Range Rover's stiff design.
    When it comes to price, it's not even a competition to get the best vehicle at the best price. The Land Rover MSRP starts at a whopping $112,000 for the base level of the Range Rover, that's without any add-ons. For the BMW X5, you can get yourself in a 2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i starting at $71,500. With almost a $40,000 difference between the two, it offers all of the top-level premium interior and luxury needs for an affordable option fit for both luxury-enthusiasts and those who may be new to the brand, it's a great introduction!
    The BMW X5 and Range Rover give you similar specifications out of their 2019 engine variants. The BMW TwinPower Turbo is a 6-cylinder engine with xDrive all-wheel drive. On the Land Rover is a 3.0L Supercharged V6 gas engine as its base model. Both engines give you 332 lb-ft of torque for any high-level acceleration that you need out of your SUV. The X5 engine is not only a performance powerhouse, but also acts efficiently out of its ready-for-work engine.
    Explore our selection of BMW vehicles at Edmonton BMW and find the model that fits your needs and lifestyle. Don't hesitate to contact us with any of your questions, in sales, service or parts.