BMW Quick Facts Dynamic Experience Control

BMW Quick Facts Dynamic Experience Control

BMW Quick Facts Dynamic Experience Control

We have an extensive selection of vehicles available through our new inventory at Edmonton BMW, giving you many excellent options. We strive to go above and beyond during every interaction, making us the ideal dealership to visit for the best vehicle shopping experience in Edmonton, Alberta, and the surrounding areas.

BMW Driving Modes

BMW Comfort Mode

As standard, your BMW will be in Comfort Mode during every start-up, giving you a well-balanced driving experience that caters to daily driving. This mode softens the suspension feel and makes the steering lighter for a comfortable and luxurious drive.

BMW Sport Mode

In Sport Mode, your BMW will alter the transmission gearshifts to become shorter, allowing you to accelerate quicker and generate more power. This mode is perfect for spirited driving on long straight stretches of highways, curvy roads, and race tracks.

BMW ECO Pro Mode

When you need maximum efficiency during your commute, make sure to toggle the Eco Pro Mode switch on to benefit from up to 20% fuel savings. This feature doesn't require you to do anything else, and it will show the extra range onto the onboard computer as a bonus to the exciting range.

BMW Sport+ Mode

Sport+ Mode is similar to Sport Mode, but instead, it pushes the maximum performance out of your BMW, giving you everything that it has to offer in terms of performance. This mode turns off Dynamic Stability Control to provide you with a raw enthusiastic driving experience, but it should be used with caution.

Financing Options

Don't hesitate to contact us to get more details about the BMW models available and explore which specific offerings have the abovementioned modes. Our friendly associates are eager to help, and you can discuss your needs with them to narrow your search to the exact BMW that best fits your lifestyle. We also make our dealership's Finance Centre available to get you the best payment terms and rates on your purchase. Fill out a financing application today and begin the process of owning your dream BMW model.

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