BMW Gesture Control


Have you ever wished you could control your vehicle with just a move of your fingers or wave of your hand? Wonder no more thanks to the BMW Gesture Control! This intuitive system lets you control specific infotainment functions just from hand movements. Things like incoming calls and adjusting volume can be affected through swiping, pointing and creating circular motions. Sound exciting? It is! Read on with us as we go more in-depth on this innovative BMW technology that continues to highlight the cutting edge of BMW vehicles. Edmonton BMW is your source for the best in BMW technology and the high-level vehicles that house it.



The BMW Gesture Control is accomplished by a little overhead camera that captures your hand movements over the infotainment area. This camera relays your hand movements in the area and converts it to control the function you initiated through your specific hand or finger gesture. Want to accept a phone call? Point your finger. Want to dismiss that phone call instead? Swipe your hand away. Need your music volume adjusted? Rotate your finger in the direction you desire. It's simple and easy-to-use for top-of-the-line connectivity with your BMW. You can find the revolutionary BMW Gesture Control in vehicles such as the BMW 7 Series, BMW X5 and the BMW X7, so you can explore this technology all for yourself!


Why control your infotainment system with gestures when you could just lean over and press the buttons? Driving is full of distractions, distractions at fast speeds and with decisions that need to be made quickly, and demand the utmost of attention. BMW has consistently been at the forefront of safety technologies to make your drive less distracted, like Driver Assistant and CoPilot. BMW Gesture Control is another entrant in this long line of intelligent BMW technology, that improves both driver safety and convenience.

If you have any questions about BMW Gesture Control or any of our other technologies, please don't hesitate to contact us. To experience all that BMW has to offer, research our models, see how they compare against the competition and then take a test drive!

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