BMW Efficient Dynamics


The BMW Efficient Dynamics program aims to maximize vehicle performance while minimizing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. These technologies have been developed to deliver you the same quality BMW vehicles you have always loved, but with an eye towards the reduction of harmful elements. They range from engine construction, electrical efficiency, lightweight vehicle builds, aerodynamics and energy management. BMW is always looking to apply the latest advancements to our vehicles that promote sustainability while maintaining the performance level we've always been known for.




The BMW TwinPower Turbo technology provides high-level injection, performance and control systems in the engine. These 3, 4 or 6-cylinder engines provides the best efficiency and power than ever before in a BMW. Its injection technology and valve control help provide these engines with its performance advantages. Available in both gasoline and diesel variants.





BMW electric vehicles offer fantastic driving dynamics while emitting zero emissions. The electric motor is the most innovative and integral part of these electric vehicles. When fully charged, it can travel for a maximum range of 48 km, providing the perfect vehicle for an emissions-free commute. Its lithium-ion high-performance battery is where the electric driving system gets its power from, while the cooling system on the battery helps maintain a perfect temperature for a long life. The intelligent energy management controls the performance of the electrical drivetrain and battery.



Only the best lightweight materials are used in the construction of a BMW to improve driving performance and reduce fuel consumption. The carbon passenger frame of the vehicle is strong yet light enough to provide superior protection in accidents. They both provide safety while increasing dynamics through its detailed design. An aluminum chassis allows for high-grade strength along with the high quality steel in the body. The magnesium alloys in the engine improve both dynamics and efficiency.





Inventive aerodynamic features have been added within this technology to reduce drag, lessen noise in the cabin and improve vehicle agility. The front kidney grille knows when your engine, brakes and other internals need air and regulates the airflow vents to keep your components working in top shape. Lower air curtain vents and a vehicle air breather help control the airstream around the body of your BMW. This reduces drag, fuel consumption and helps the vehicle cut through the air. Its active rear spoiler automatically activates at 110 km/h to provide for added control.



Each BMW has technologies aiming to reduce the energy output of the vehicle. Its automatic start/stop function reduces fuel consumption by turning off the engine when it comes to a stop and then restarting it automatically when triggered by movement. An Eco Pro driving mode additionally helps reduce on fuel consumption. The brake energy regeneration transforms kinetic energy from pushing down on the brake pedal and uses it to charge the battery. Its electric power steering is only active when the driver is using it, helping to save on energy used.