BMW Laserlight


BMW laserlight headlights are powerful high-beam technology that not only delivers a brighter beam but adapts to the environment around you. BMW is always at the forefront of new innovative technologies, and headlight tech is no different. Explore with us how this laserlight technology works, why it's so beneficial, and what its multiple safety benefits are. Edmonton BMW is your Alberta BMW home to the latest and best in BMW vehicles, technology, service and parts!



These headlights don't just directly display light onto the road ahead of you; there's actually a lot of interesting science that goes on behind it! Three different blue laser lights exist inside the headlight, each getting directed through a set of mirrors. These blue beams then go through a yellow phosphorus lens, causing a reaction that results in a terrific bright beam of light! This ends up making a light that is up to 10-times brighter than your traditional LED headlights and can be up to 30-times more efficient, in some cases. Each advanced BMW technology combines to create this revolutionary modern headlight functionality.


Why have BMW laserlight headlamps and not just the traditional ones you've become accustomed to? There's a host of benefits, stretching from better sight and obstacle/people detection to GPS-compatibility. These headlights are so powerful they can reach up to a half-mile down the road, essential for those drivers who often find themselves on those long Alberta country roads. For animals in rural areas or people in urban environments, an infrared camera on the laserlight system will better illuminate the environment around you. A GPS system can be enabled, which reacts with the changing curvature of the road, so you're ready for every bend. BMW laserlight headlights are more than just illuminating a short area in front of you, they can fundamentally change your driving experience.


BMW laserlight headlights are incredibly bright, but are they safe to look at? Put simply, yes, they're safe to stare at! Since these laser beams have been diluted and aren't focused through the mirrors under the headlight covering, you don't have to worry about harm to your eyes. If you were just staring at the lasers, there would be a problem, but due to the system inside the headlight creating this concentrated light, everything you see will be safe. Worried about blinding pedestrians with this super bright light? No need to concern yourself with that either! The laserlight system spots oncoming traffic, or ones passing you, and automatically dims the lights, thanks to its Selective Beam. This hands-free functionality delivers ultimate laserlight safety wherever your drive takes you.

Find the BMW laserlight technology on such vehicles like the X6, X7, 7 Series and more, but be sure to also browse our full line-up of vehicles! Compare our BMW models against the luxury competition and discover the perfect one for you, at Edmonton BMW!