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New technology brought to us by BMW capable of delivering phenomenal control, as well as advanced traction and handling in any weather or road condition is now being offered on 21 different BMW models. The revolutionary new xDrive four wheel drive system boasts many advantages over its predecessor and brings you a complete collection of vehicles that share the same level of luxury and control that BMW has become renowned for.


This xDrive technology is now available on everything from the BMW 3 Series in Edmonton line up to the BMW 5 Series in Edmonton as well as our BMW X3, BMW X5 and BMW X6; all the way to 7 Series xDrive Sedan and the new BMW ActiveHybrid X6. By offering such a huge selection with xDrive technology BMW is able to meet the vehicle needs of anyone who experiences unfavorable winter or road conditions and is looking to upgrade to a new luxury vehicle such as the 2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe.


What is it about the brand new xDrive technology that makes it so superior to the previous 4WD system that was offered by BMW? Instead of using a permanent torque split like previous system, xDrive utilizes a torque split between the front and rear axles. By switching to this new design xDrive is able to regulate how power is split between axles. In a traditional system if any slip on icy or poor road surfaces was detected power was typically split at 40% to the front and 60% to the rear; while in the new xDrive technology if any slippage is detected it is able to react in .1 seconds and send up to 100% power to either axle.

This xDrive system works with both the anti-lock brakes (ABS) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and if any further spinning or instability occur after it has already split the torque between axles then individual wheels will have their brakes applied until traction and stability are regained.

It's very reassuring to see what ends a manufacturer like BMW will go to in order to create a vehicle that will keep you and your family safe. All of the ingenuities behind xDrive are designed to work behind the scenes without your knowledge and make sure accidents are avoided. Another system which has been designed to work hand in hand with xDrive and DSC is BMW's Dynamic Performance Control (DPC). This technology manages traction and over/understeer by spreading drive forces over the rear axle. It is a full drivetrain and chassis control system that is able to not only split torque between both axles, but also which side of the front and rear axle it is applied. This new DPC system gives you the most exceptional handling no matter what speed you drive at, or how hard you take your corners.



Not only does DPC work to give you the best handling in our Alberta winters, it also reduces wear and tear on your brakes and slow acceleration by overdriving the slower moving wheel, with the most traction, to maintain stability. Instead of a traditional system that applies brakes and reduces the fastest moving wheel, your brake maintenance will be reduced greatly using this innovation. In turn this makes vehicle featuring DPC such as the X6 feel much lighter and less bulky than a conventional SUV of that size.


The entire xDrive system has been thoroughly tested in some of the most extreme conditions comprised of ice and snow so that it could be streamlined and made available to you today. A system that is capable of heavily reducing slippage and control loss in rough terrain.

After Mercedes 4matic and Audi's Quattro was made available to the masses BMW knew that it had to come up with something formidable to ensure their brand's success in North America and Canada.


It has done just this with the formidable xDrive all-wheel drive system and with full integration of this technology over all product lines it will not take long before every BMW vehicle features this marvel in engineering. Boasting high safety ratings and one of the best All-Wheel drive technologies currently available in North America, BMW continues to show us why it is such a cutting edge manufacturer worthy of its Bavarian roots.


If you are tired of a conventional and boring drive this winter, and are searching for a vehicle that will give you the best control and performance no matter what time of year it is then we are confident you will love the BMW xDrive technology when you experience it on one of the new models today. Whether you need a spacious X series SUV, a sleek and sporty 4 Series Coupe, affordable and luxurious 3 Series sedan, or high class 7 Series you will be having fun turning heads in your new BMW no matter which you go for.


If you are looking for a new BMW and are unsure where to start then we recommend using the links above to find out more about xDrive and book an appointment with a knowledgeable and helpful consultant at your local BMW dealership today.

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