BMW Diesel

The BMW EfficientDynamics program aims to maximize vehicle performance while minimizing engine emissions. One of the core tenets of this BMW initiative is the low consumption and high performing diesel options. Read on to learn about how these engines operate and how Edmonton BMW can outfit you in a vehicle with efficient diesel power.




Over the last few years, BMW has implemented a new generation of engines that aim to make them both more powerful and efficient. These engines are produced from a light aluminum material. They have been specifically designed to allow for efficient modes of energy transfer that serves to reduce emissions and streamline the ease of power. Its turbine geometry allows for the turbo engine to mimic the power of a larger BMW engine with low fuel consumption. These engines can be found in our BMW 3 Series and BMW X5 models





The twinpower technology improves high-level performance in the engine. Its multi-stage turbo system involves turbochargers of different sizes that regulate its power to maintain over a consistent range. Both the low and high pressure ends of the turbocharge system allows for a quick throttle response from the cylinders. The engine works in concert with the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system to help conquer any driving situation with its supreme power and control.



To assist with the reduction of emissions, improved sensors have been put in control of the fuel injectors. These help to regulate the amount of injected fuel to an exact measure. This allows for a shortened time frame during multi-sequence injection patterns for the single injectors. This fine-detail injection process with maximized pressure creates an efficient gas with reduced exhaust residue. Its internal air system is easily adjustable to maintain the load on the engine for each variable driving environment. This allows the entire engine to work more efficiently and reduce stress on the system as a whole.