BMW Copilot


BMW CoPilot is the set of autonomous driving systems that assist you behind the wheel of your BMW. Dipping a toe in what's to come in the future for automotives, these technologies give you a look at what driving could be like in the years to come. Both for communicative means and to keep you safer, these technologies aim to make life in your BMW that much easier. Edmonton BMW wants to help you look to the future, so explore with us the groundbreaking new BMW CoPilot.



BMW, currently, has a host of intelligent driver assistance systems that aid in any journey like never before. The Driving Assistant gives you safety systems like Steering and Lane Control, Traffic Jam Assistant, Lane Change Warning and more, so your vehicle will be on top of your surroundings, even if you can't be all of the time. When it's time to park, the Intelligent Parking has you covered as well, with the Remote Control Parking assistance and Parking Assistant to fit you in those tight spaces with ease. Its Surround View gets you a view around your vehicle, so you won't miss a thing. The BMW 5 Series presents these technologies as one of the leading BMWs in autonomous driving.


BMW is only scratching the surface with the autonomous driving technologies currently found in their vehicles. The BMW Driver Assist systems are only supplemental autonomous features that assist the driver, not taking on full autonomous control. Still, BMW is poised to change that, hoping to have an autonomous pilot fleet in 2021 along with the first automated production vehicle from BMW, the BMW iNext. BMW is already a leader in performance and luxury, but pushing forward into new driving technologies like this means developing more anticipatory vehicles capable of safer travel, and vehicles which can learn and adapt to different situations around you. BMW is here to bring the future to the present, leading the way into the next generation of smart vehicles.

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