BMW Driving Assistant


BMW Driving Assistant is here to assist you in both comfort and safety on your drive. This technological system will become your best friend in your BMW, keeping you up-to-date with everything going on around your vehicle as well as making sure you're prepared for whatever comes your way. Along with other technologies like BMW CoPilot and Live Cockpit Professional, it brings many safety features of the future to you now, and protects you like never before to reduce collisions and avoidable driver mistakes. Follow along with us at Edmonton BMW as we outline what you get with the BMW Driving Assistant technology.



Both the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning (with rear collision prevention) are the stars of the driving systems in the BMW Driving Assistant. When travelling at speeds over 70 km/h, the Lane Departure Warning will kick in if it notices you making an unintentional lane change by signaling the driver through a steering wheel vibration. For blind spot protection, the Lane Change Warning system offers the same notification, but with added blinking warning on your outside mirror. These two technologies are a major safety advancement and ensure-especially when your visibility is limited-that your BMW will have your back.


You never know when a pedestrian could come out of nowhere and you don't have eyes in the back of your head, but luckily the Driving Assistant of your BMW is here to help. The pedestrian warning will activate the brakes if it spots a pedestrian near, either making them provide a sharper stop or outright stopping for you, depending on the situation. This technology is ideal for those who find themselves driving in the city often, providing an extra set of eyes for all the distractions of busy city life. The BMW Driving Assistant with person warning re-assures safety and assists the driver like never before.

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