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Parking can be a pain, no matter the vehicle you're driving, and we all wish we had a few more hands to assist in safe and efficient parking. BMW gives you that helping hand with their BMW Parking Assistant technology, making parallel parking as easy as pushing a button. This system will not only find a space for you, but park it as well. Don't fret over finding the perfect space again, because with the BMW Parking Assistant you'll park better than ever. Explore this groundbreaking technology with us at Edmonton BMW!



Like other similar technologies with CoPilot and Driver Assistant, the Parking Assistant aims to make your BMW drive safer and more convenient. BMW Parking Assistant works for you even before the actual parking begins. Not sure if you can fit in a space? It's no problem with this parking system, as at speeds of 35 km/h or under, it will gauge the size of spaces on both sides of the road and help pick out the best one for your vehicle. After you've found it, it really is as easy as pressing a button. The BMW Parking Assistant takes control of steering, braking and acceleration, so all you have to do is sit back and let your BMW do all the hard work. It only takes a few short steps to go from driving to safely parked, with your vehicle taking the lead.


It's simple to use the BMW Parking Assistant, and only takes a few steps until you're safely situated in your parking spot. When you're ready to park, press the Parking Assistant button on the centre console. The system will scan both sides of the road for a suitable spot. Once you've found your desired spot, stop beside the space and then put your turn signal on toward the spot. Push and hold the Parking Assistant button, then take your hands off the wheel and foot off the brake, the vehicle will then park itself. Always be on the lookout for traffic, people or other impediments, making sure to maintain pressing the button. If you need to stop suddenly, or the parking process is over, remove your finger from the Parking Assistant button and the vehicle will put it in park. It really is that straightforward, and all thanks to the Parking Assistant system on your BMW!

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