BMW Teleservice

BMW Teleservice

BMW Teleservice

At Edmonton BMW in Edmonton, Alberta, we're excited to present to you Teleservices. They are innovative features comprising BMW ConnectedDrive services for maximum concentration and comfort on the road. Keep reading to learn about this innovative service!

BMW Teleservices at a Glance

  • Automatic Teleservice Call

The Automatic BMW Service Call knows when service is due and what action is needed, relieving you of the stress of handling service appointments personally. It works with Condition-Based Service (CBS) sensors that detect when a servicing is due and send the information to BMW. Once transmitted, your preferred BMW retailer can access and assess the data to prepare for your vehicle's visit to their Service Centre.

  • Manual Teleservice Call

Thanks to the Manual Teleservice Call, you can contact the BMW Service Centre at your convenience and request a callback. When you make the call at the push of a button, your vehicle automatically sends all service-related data to BMW, allowing your preferred service department to evaluate it in readiness for your car's appointment. The early preparation means that you'll enjoy shorter service visits.

  • Battery Guard

The Teleservice Battery Guard is designed to help prevent battery failure. If your vehicle's battery voltage drops below a given threshold, the Teleservice Battery Guard will transmit a message to your preferred service provider immediately or the next time you kickstart your engine. In addition, your BMW will monitor its energy supply to prevent any battery-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Teleservices available on all BMW vehicles?

Teleservices are not available for all BMW vehicles. However, they are standard on all BMW models released in 2014 to the present. This service is also available on select models from 2009 and later, including the Z4, X5, X6 and 7 Series.

  • Which BMW Service Retailer receives the Teleservice Calls by default?

The Automatic and Manual Teleservice calls will be transmitted to the retailer from whom you initially bought the BMW vehicle.

  • Can I change my vehicle's default BMW Service Retailer?

Yes, you can change your vehicle's default BMW Service Retailer in two ways. You can change your retailer by including their information on the BMW Assist Subscriber agreement when purchasing your vehicle. If you want to change it later, you can fill out a form at your new retailer to send a request.

  • How do I make the BMW Teleservices available in my used car?

For the Teleservice to work in your used car, you must activate the BMW Teleservices and ensure it's routed to your preferred BMW retailer.

  • Do I have to complete a BMW Assist subscriber agreement to use BMW Teleservice?

Yes. You must complete and submit a BMW Assist subscriber agreement to BMW Canada to have your Teleservice account created and approved for use.

Experience BMW Teleservices Today!

Drivers in Edmonton, Alberta, looking to experience Teleservice can visit us at Edmonton BMW. You can depend on us as your BMW service provider and have your Automatic and Manual Teleservice calls routed to our dealership. Our Service Centre has highly trained and experienced staff who can handle all BMW models. Contact us today for more details!

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