BMW 2 Series Drivetrain and Dynamics

BMW 2 Series Drivetrain & Dynamics

At Edmonton BMW, we offer a vast new inventory of premium vehicles, catering to all tastes and lifestyles. If you are looking to get a sporty coupe that performs as good as it looks, then the BMW 2 Series is the model for you. Contact us to schedule a test drive to experience everything that this model has to offer. We always strive to go above and beyond for our customers during every visit, making us the ideal dealership to visit for all automotive needs in Edmonton, Alberta.

BMW 2 Series Drivetrain & Dynamics Highlights

Highly Efficient Engine

The BMW M240i has a 3.0-litre inline-six TwinPower turbocharged engine, generating 382 horsepower. This powertrain efficiently produces a tremendous amount of horsepower through a compact package that saves weight.

Steptronic Sport Transmission

A standard eight-speed Steptronic transmission delivers the engine's power to the wheels. It has sporty gear shifts, and you can use it in either automatic or manual mode. The manual mode is controllable through both the selector lever or the paddle shifters. For maximum performance, put your 2 Series into SPORT PLUS mode and the selector lever into the left-hand S/M position.

Adaptive M Suspension

As optional, you can opt for the adaptive M suspension to increase handling characteristics when needed and switch to softer settings for a more comfortable ride quality. This suspension is electronically adjustable, letting you choose the preferred settings for your drive through the Driving Experience Control system. Whether you want comfort or full performance, this premium suspension has you covered.

M Sport Differential

Standard is the M sport differential, delivering outstanding traction and stability for lane changes and accelerating around curvy roads. This fantastic differential refines the driving experience to provide a sporty feel behind the wheel. Using an electronically operated device to limit the difference in revolution speed between the rear wheels lets the 2 Series optimize its traction and handling capabilities.

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