BMW 3 Series Connectivity in Edmonton, Alberta

BMW 3 Series Connectivity

BMW 3 Series Connectivity in Edmonton, Alberta

Browse our new inventory at Edmonton BMW to find the BMW model that suits your every need. A popular sedan that many of our customers love is the 3 Series, offering fantastic performance and lots of connectivity features to make long road trips more enjoyable than ever. We strive to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, making us the go-to dealership in Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding areas for all automotive needs. Our services extend much further than just sales, as we also offer a Parts Centre, Service Centre, and a Finance Centre. You can get in touch with us to learn about other services that make vehicle ownership effortless.

BMW 3 Series Connectivity Features

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

Your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will adapt and learn your preferences to deliver a personalized cabin experience that's one of a kind with every use. By setting your activation word, the assistant can respond and provide information about the vehicle to help you enjoy your 3 Series further.

Connected Music

With Connected Music, you will be able to stream your music from anywhere, courtesy of BMW's music partners Deezer and Napster, and it's all possible through the SIM card that comes installed into your vehicle. You will find over 30 million songs that you can directly stream, enhancing your commutes.

Connected Command

To completely focus on the road ahead during long road trips sometimes can be challenging as passengers want the adjustment to various comfort amenities. But, with Connected Command, the passengers can control the climate control, entertainment, and navigation from an app, letting you drive in peace.

Automate My Habits

As you use your BMW, Automate My Habits will learn and adapt to make things easier. For example, if you preset your heated seats to a certain level each time, your BMW will remember and automatically start the heated seats at that level. With updates, you will find more automation options added.

Caring Car

Just like you take care of your BMW and its maintenance, your BMW can take care of you back when you ask. You can simply speak to the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and say something like " Hey BMW, I feel tired" or your current feelings, and it will activate Relax Caring Car Programme to help you relax as you drive.

Remote Software Upgrade

Updating your BMW is as simple as updating your smartphone device with Remote Software Upgrade, letting you keep your BMW's software always up to date and without having to visit a dealership. This feature will keep your BMW constantly feeling like new, and all of the updates will happen over the air.

ConnectedPackage Professional

This comprehensive package gives access to many services such as Concierge Service, Remote Services, and Real-Time Traffic Information. The term is three years, making it fantastic value.

Preparations for Apple CarPlay

Getting into your BMW doesn't have to mean that you can't access your favourite Apple apps because, with Apple CarPlay, you can link your iPhone to your BMW. This feature will make available apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, TuneIn, Spotify, Apple Music, and much more. Accessing those apps is also as easy as using your BMW's infotainment display since they can be controlled through the voice button on the steering wheel. For hands-free operation, you can use Siri and Apple's voice assistant to have the same functionality as your iPhone, all while focusing on the road ahead.

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