BMW 3 Series Driving Dynamics in Edmonton, Alberta

BMW 3 Series Driving Dynamics in Edmonton, Alberta

If you want to get the top sedan in its category, look no further than the BMW 3 Series, a superb vehicle available in various models in our new inventory at Edmonton BMW. We are the source for all automotive needs in Edmonton, Alberta, and we extend our many services to those in the surrounding areas. Our goal is to help our customers find the vehicle that best suits their needs, and it is also our mission to satisfy them. We are confident that you will find a model in our extensive selection to match your style and personality.

BMW 3 Series Driving Dynamics Features

M Sport Differential

Maximum traction is reached with the M Sport Differential. It allows the 3 Series to handle much better during lane changes, accelerations around curvy roads, and fast corning on bends. An electronically controlled device reduces output difference at the rear wheels to get the 3 Series off the line much quicker.

M Sport Brakes

For braking, the M Sport Brakes provide secure braking power through a four-piston caliper in the front and a single-piston caliper in the rear. They also look as good as they perform, offering a blue paint colour with the M designation. Lastly, pairing with those calipers are large disc brakes to handle the braking heat much better.

Adaptive M Suspension

The Adaptive M Suspension brings the 3 Series ten millimetres lower to the ground for a better centre of gravity. It can also be electronically controlled to match the driving experience needed for the drive. From the Driving Experience Control, drivers can choose between comfortable or extreme performance to reach their desired driving experience for that drive.

Variable Sport Steering

The Variable Sport Steering is finely refined to deliver an outstanding and precise handling feel behind the 3 Series' steering wheel. It utilizes Servotronic to provide a direct feel between the wheels and the steering wheel, and it requires less physical effort to turn. By reacting to various steering angles, the system responds with different steering ratios to make steering while parking easy, and it tightens the steering wheel feel at higher speeds.

Steptronic Sport Transmission

With the eight-speed automatic Steptronic Sport transmission, you can expect sporty gear shifts, and it can be operated in either automatic or manual modes. You can shift using the gear selector or the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters in manual mode, making your commutes more enjoyable. By engaging SPORT mode and putting the gear selector in the S/M position, gear shifts will optimize to deliver the best performance, enhancing the driving experience further.

TwinPower Turbo Four-Cylinder Engine

Delivering the best performance and fuel efficiency is the 2.0-litre four-cylinder TwinPower engine featuring a turbocharger to achieve maximum output. You can expect 255 horse and 294 lb-ft of torque, letting your 3 Series accelerate to highway speed with complete ease. This engine is perfect for getting around city traffic and cruising on the highways. The 2.0-litre engine's fuel economy rating is 9.0 L/100 km in the city and 6.5 L/100 km on the highway, making it very efficient considering its tremendous power.

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Driving the BMW 3 Series is a must for those looking to get a well-rounded sedan that delivers performance, premium interior, and many technology features. Set up a test drive of the model that best suits your style and explore everything it has to offer by taking it around for a drive. Contact us to get more details or inquire about model availability. Our experts are eager to help, and they are more than happy to assist you with all your inquiries.

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