• 4.4 L

    8-cylinder engine

  • 560


  • 500

    Lb-ft of Torque

  • 20"

    Light Alloy Wheels


The BMW M6 is a true sight to behold and an experience that must be felt. Luxury, style and power are all expertly combined into one truly unique sports car. This coupe, along with Gran Coupe and Cabriolet variations, exhibits all the key BMW tenets in one dynamic vehicle. Racetrack ready in design and under-the-hood internals, the BMW M6 is how you always dreamed sport coupes should look and feel like. Edmonton BMW is your local Alberta source for this one-of-a-kind BMW marvel, a picture of BMW M Performance, the BMW M6.

Performance Features BMW M6 Coupe
Engine M TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder
Horsepower 560
Torque 500
Transmission M Double Clutch Transmission
Top Speed 250 km/h
0 - 100 km/h speed 4.2 seconds
Safety Active M Differential, M Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Add-ons M Competition Package

It's hard to translate thrilling feelings into numbers, but how about 560? That's 560 horsepower from the top tier M TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder gas engine, powering this M Performance luxury machine to incredible heights. Not enough for you? How about 600 horsepower, the tops that this speedy coupe can reach when a BMW Competition package is added to its already dynamic self. Thanks to advanced BMW technology like Valvetronic functionality and High Precision Injection, it ramps up this turbocharged engine to high speeds. The 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission is designed specifically to work with tough-working engines like this BMW's, coming with a host of features like Launch Control, Low Speed Assistance and Automatic Start/Stop. The Active M Differential and M Carbon Ceramic brakes are top-of-the-line BMW M Performance technology, which improves wheel traction/stability and makes for simpler braking with less wear. Remember that M Competition Package? As well as adding on that engine boost, it also improves the steering and suspension, with 20-inch light alloy wheels and Black Chrome-plated twin tailpipes as part of the M exhaust system.

The BMW M6 Coupe is a flashy, luxurious sport car that attracts attention, and demonstrates functionality with its expertly crafted design. Its large air inlets not only present a supremely stylistic BMW vehicle, but also work to draw in fresh air to the engine and improve on aerodynamics. Even something as seemingly small detail as the exterior mirrors are optimized to the best of BMW M, connected to the body via a double-bridge base and remain sleek to easily cut through the air. Below, the alloy wheels, no matter the variation, present an exceptional race-ready BMW, infusing racing spirit across the whole coupe. Up above, the carbon roof is lightweight to improve agility and minimize overall mass, all the while remaining strong. A BMW that represents individuality and the tops of BMW performance and design, the BMW M6 Coupe is hard to match.

Edmonton BMW maintains a top-of-the-line selection of the best BMW models for you to browse, including our Series, X and M designations. Compare them against the competition to truly see how BMW looms over the rest of the automotive landscape. And, don't forget to learn about the latest BMW technologies, to see how BMW is forever evolving connectivity, safety and engine features.

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