BMW X3 Service Inclusive in Edmonton, Alberta

BMW X3 Service Inclusive in Edmonton, Alberta

BMW offers consumers a scheduled maintenance program that takes the hard work out of vehicle ownership. The Service Inclusive program consists of maintenance work specifically designed for your BMW. These services include the following:

Engine oil change including oil filter

Your engine oil and filter need to be replaced on a regular basis. At Edmonton BMW, we are proud to offer OEM recommend oil and filters.

Replacement of air filter

Some make air filters an afterthought, but at Edmonton BMW, we believe you should replace them according to the manufacturer-recommended interval.

Replacement of fuel filter (diesel only)

Diesel engines are designed in a unique way; however, they still need the same care as their gasoline counterparts. A fuel filter is a necessary maintenance item that needs attention.

Replacement of spark plugs

Spark plugs are the beating heart of your engine, and they will need replacement eventually. Let us help you.

Replacement of brake fluid

Some consider the engine the most essential component of their vehicle; however, once you get moving, you will need to come to a stop. Brake fluid plays an important role in your vehicle's braking capabilities.

Service vehicle check

Have a service vehicle check is important. It allows our factory-trained technicians to inspect your vehicle and make sure it's performing at optimal conditions.

The beauty of BMW's Service Inclusive Scheduled Maintenance can be extended up to 8 years and 160,000 kilometres (whatever comes first). The pricing starts at just $530, and there is a package that is sure to suit any driver's needs. Don't think that you have to purchase a package when you acquire your vehicle; BMW gives you time. You can purchase BMW Service Inclusive anytime during the No-Charge Maintenance period of 4-years or 80,000 kilometres or after up to 15 months after it has ended.

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